SM5018 Individual assignment DIGITAL MEDIA PRACTICE

Individual assignment

London metropolitan university

SM5018 Individual assignment DIGITAL MEDIA PRACTICE

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SM5018 Individual assignment DIGITAL MEDIA PRACTICE


Case study 20% wk 10

Evaluate the British museum walkthrough experience using the Google Culture and Arts app. Demonstrate understanding of usability and user experience research methods and critical reflectionon findings. Analyse: interfaces, VR experience, technical efficiency, effectiveness of communicating information. Evaluate user experience, usability and accessibility to find out how users experience this VR walkthrough of the museum. Demonstrate depth of critical reflection, use of usability methods, awareness of user experience goals and accessibility issues. Devise ways you will evaluate at a reasonable level of detail, and for a defined user group or groups.

Development folder 30% wk 21

Develop a folder of design and development processes, thinking and planning that outlines the stages ofdevelopment for the artefact you are building in CW 3. This folder should demonstrate understanding of UCD principles and theory. Tests students’ ability to apply key theoretical concepts in interaction and utilise user-centred design methods.

Include early draft ideas, plans and sketches, wireframes, notes for user testing, user testing results, analysis and conclusions, how user testing findings were applied.

Development of digital artefact 50% wk 30

Design and develop a digital artefact prototype for tutorial or information provision consisting of

  • • one short video and
  • • one interactive motion graphic
  • • embedded in at least 2 connected webpages

Artefact should have supporting text, hyperlinks and layout design to demonstrate the application of UCD principles and theory. This tests students' ability to effectively apply user-centred design and design evaluation methods.

Webpages are static html and css, connected (linked), and contain the embedded multimedia where appropriate.

Webpages should show good layout and design, logo, clear theme and design consistency, semantic structure containing headings and sections of text.

Text should be realistic and useful for information and guidance to the user.

Webpage content should support each of the embedded multimedia, to provide the user with information and instruction appropriate to the topic choice.

Video should be approximately one minute in duration, and contain instructional and informative video appropriate to the topic choice. It should be user friendly, inventive, good quality and engaging. File size must be suitable for zipping up and submitting to Weblearn.

Motion graphic should contain instructional and informative material appropriate to the topic choice and should be reasonably detailed and interactive. It should be good quality, contain several ‘sections’, show good design, be engaging, informative and useful. Interactive slideshow or infographic, animated gifs or single motion graphic file (1 minute duration) are all acceptable interpretations of this brief. File size must be suitable for zipping up and submitting to Weblearn.

Software used to develop these artefacts is optional but must be specified in CW2 documentation with reasons for choice.

Emphasis is on interactivity and communication of information using UCD theory and application.


Choose one topic from the following:

  • 1. Staying safe online in social media: advice for users considering for example privacy, security, hate speech, what to post, issues of trust, laws etc.
  • 2. Information campaign for a personal public transport system (bike sharing or car sharing), with factors of (for example) efficiency, green technology, safety, responsibility to others, laws etc.
  • 3. Information about vegan diets with factors of (for example) health, choices, sustainability, variety, protein, fibre, etc. Include pros and cons.

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