SM5063 Social Media Strategies Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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Individual assignment

Assessment No: 2

SM5063|Social Media Strategies

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SM5063 Social Media Strategies

SM5063 Social media campaign and guidelines 2019-20


A three-platform campaign on a topic of your own choosing. This social media strategy plan (weighting 60%) is designed to assess the students’ creative skills and communication ability. It should be presented as a Word document with the URLs of your chosen social media platforms and a brief description of what you are trying to achieve.

How to organise your social media campaign report

  • Introduction to Your Campaign
  • Aims and objectives of your campaign.
  • Campaign Content with URLs of your three platforms on which you created your campaign.

    (If you are using Twitter as one of your platforms, please either Storify your campaign or make it into a Moment.)

    NB You do not necessarily have to create your campaign but make it look like you have, with images in your document from the 3 different platforms. This may be different for students who want to attach. You may want to create a promotional flyer, video and upload it to Youtube for example. Try to make the campaign story coherent across the 3 different platforms.
  • Who is/are your target audience/s?
  • Who is/are your target audience/s?
    Why did you select your three platforms? A Persona of A Typical Stakeholder in Your Campaign
  • What messages do you want to get out?
  • Critical Review of Your Campaign: How does it form part of your overall social media strategy
  • Academic Research on Social Media Strategies which Relate to Your Campaign
  • Conclusion
  • Bibliography
  • Appendices

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : SM5063|Individual assignment


No. Working with other people is a good way to learn, but this does not mean collaborating on the assessed work itself. Remember, it is your individual performance which is being

assessed and you must do the work. Discussing other people’s notes is a good learning strategy, but using them to do your own assessment is not.

SM5063 Social Media Strategies and Assessment and Tutor Proposal