SRM776 Introduction to construction managment Group Industry Report Assessment and Tutor Proposal

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SRM776 Introduction to construction managment Group Industry Report

Assessment No: 3

SRM776|Introduction to Construction Management

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SRM776 Introduction to construction managment Group Industry Report

Group Industry Report


For this assignment, students are required to work in a group of four (4) students. Guidance will be provided in seminars on forming groups.

Each group is to select a topic from a list on the DeakinSync Unit Site and prepare a report that provides the following information:

  • Background to the topic
  • Analysis of problem, benefits or challenges
  • Discussion on opinions provided by range of stakeholders
  • Possible recommendation for improvements or reforms

Each group will also participate in a presentation of their findings to their peers during their seminar.

Group Assessment and Moderation Requirements.

Group members might receive different marks based on their level of contribution and engagement in group activities. In order to moderate group marks, the following information is required:

  • Each group must upload to the Assignment Dropbox an Action Plan that outlines the activities, responsibilities and planned deadlines to complete this assignment. This should be uploaded as soon as possible after your group is formed (the Dropbox will be available in Week 1)
  • When the assignment is submitted, a statused Action Plan must be submitted together with a one paragraph reflection in the Dropbox about how the group performed.

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