Tender Report: SRQ780 Strategic Construction Procurement

Tender Evaluation Report

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SRQ780 - Strategic Construction Procurement Tender Evaluation Report

Assessment No: 2


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SRQ780 - Strategic Construction Procurement Tender Evaluation Report


Assume that you are currently working as a Contract Administrator for ProBuild, who has recently won the head-contract for construction of a high-quality shopping complex in Melbourne under the traditional procurement route. ProBuild has now called for tenders from subcontractors (tenderers) for a range of work trades associated with the project under “open single-stage tendering” method.

Your task is to analyse the tender bids submitted by two tenderers for a small external building work associated with the project and prepare a detailed tender evaluation report. The tender evaluation report should include the evaluation of tenders, reasoned recommendations for a suitable subcontractor and other important aspects that are generally included in a tender evaluation report [such as (but not limited to) project scope, tendering method, selection criteria, tendering process, etc.].

A summary breakdown of the tender prices submitted by each tenderer is given on the next page. You are required to prepare detailed profiles * (imaginary) for each tenderer, based on the tender documents submitted, in such a way that those will enable you to extract the necessary information (e.g. human resource capacity, experience in construction, etc.) for tender evaluation. Also, assumptions must be made about the completeness of tender submissions made by tenderers. These information will be required for the cursory review, preliminary and qualitative evaluation stages of your tender evaluation and you should attach them to the tender evaluation report with other essential appendices.

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