Torrens University MGMT6012 Management Research Assessment Item 2

Create a SWOT Analysis and reflect on their current status as a manager Task

Torrens University

Management Research

Assessment No: 2

MGMT6012|Management Perspectives

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Torrens University MGMT6012 Management Research Assessment Item 2


The assessment suite in this subject is designed to provide students with a framework to understand organisational behavior and the dynamics of the business environment. The assessment suite aims to equip students with the necessary skills to understand the constraints managers and emerging leaders face in developing strategies to leverage advantages and overcome constraints and barriers in organisations.


  • Students will create a SWOT Analysis on themselves and reflect on their current status as a manager. Students will then comment on their fit with the organisation identified in Assessment One. The second assignment should include:
  • assessment of personal strengths and weaknesses as viewed by self and others. Students will need to complete a minimum of three self-assessment tools and refer to these results in their SWOT Analysis;
  • feedback received from other people you have been associated with. Feedback is considered naturally occurring data and includes conversations, emails, formal references and performance appraisals. You will need to reflect on who is providing the feedback and how you appear to be progressing;
  • a discussion of the opportunities and threats that will impact on your management journey, including self-development for continuous improvement;
  • integration of theory and concepts from the subject, in particular Modules 2-6, including an assessment of your communication, values and ethics, experience with managing diversity, experience with networking and working collaboratively, your ability to give and receive feedback, your ability to influence others and your capacity to be a leader now and in the future;
  • a critical assessment of how you are placed or misplaced within the chosen organisation from Assessment One; and whether or not you see a future at this organisation.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : MGMT6012|Management Research

Assignment Two: Management Research

2000 Word Limit


MGMT6012 assessment item will reflect on the research and analysis that is required for the evaluating the behavior of the organization. This assessment will aim to identify the number of dynamics related to business environment and the necessary skills that will be required for developing the strategies also discussed in this analysis. MGMT6012 will aim to provide the knowledge related to developing skills strategies that help to improve the business environment.

Words of tutors

According to my opinion, MGMT6012 assessment item is designed to objectively analyze the number of practices and behavior related to decision making in the organization. I will discuss the characteristics and structure of the organization that can influence the number of managers and decision making capabilities of the manager. I will identify the range of various stakeholders to explain the relationship between the managers and other stakeholder that get effected by the behavior and practices of an individual. I will identify the impact imposed by the behavior of individual on the decision making capabilities by considering the work or secondary resources that are available on online repositories. I will design framework to understand the behavior of the organization and the necessary skill that re required for decision making will also be discussed by me in MGMT6012 assessment item. I will create the SWOT analysis on students themselves and discuss the current status of the student as a manager. I will also comment on the suitability of student for the profile of manager in an organization that is identified in the assessment-1.

In addition to this, I will assess the strength, weaknesses of the student and number of self-assessment tools will be inculcated by me in MGMT6012 assessment item for delivering the quality of work. The feedback received from the others related to corresponding will also be discussed in this assessment that will include the usage of emails, conversations and formal references along with the performance appraisal. I will reflect on who will providing the feedback and how the progressive arguments can be formulated also discussed in this approach. I will also discuss the number of opportunities and threats that effect the management journey of student by considering the factors related to self-development for the continuous development of the student. The discussion related to various threats and opportunities will be framed in this assessment that help to improve the skills of the students related management. I will integrate the number of concepts and theories from the modules that will be provided to students by their university.

The assessment of student communication, experience, value and ethics will be performed in this approach. The experience of the student along with this the working abilities will also be discussed by me in this assessment. The ability of the student also evaluated by the use of this analysis. The critical assessment of how the organization taken in previous files has been performed and the chosen arguments will also be evaluated in this approach. The total word limit that will be delivered by me to the students is 2000 and plagiarism issue will not be there in the content. I will follow the rule of professional writing to deliver the quality of work the involved customers. There are number of online tools like Gallup test that can be used for self-assessment and the strengths of the students will be accessed by using the Gallup test, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator test and many more. The use of this tool help to validate the perception of the students and personality development among the students will be empowered by using the Gallup test, Myers-Briggs Personality Type Indicator test. The academic journals will be referred in this research that help to validate the analysis that is performed in context of accessing the strengths and weakness of students. I will describe the methodologies by including the data sources that are available online. In this assessment, I will also access the weaknesses, strengths along with the number of opportunities and threats according to included marking criteria so that high grades can be attained. Moreover, I will discuss the diverse case studies in order to validate the use of effective strategies.

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