Solution Plan: MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems

Present a recommended systems blueprint to the Latureae management

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MIS500 Solution Plan

Assessment No: 2

MIS500|Foundations of Information Systems

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Solution Plan: MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems


Read the feedback from the learning facilitator on your first assessment carefully. Fix any holes in your analysis and build a cache of external references if you fell short of the referencing requirement. With your (enhanced) first assessment as a starting point, use the identification of activities, sub-activities and linkages between them to formulate a solution plan for Latureae.

Using the principles of agile, present a recommended systems blueprint to the Latureae management. If you make recommendations on specific systems, you should refer to external sources on how these have led other firms to significant efficiency improvements in the past. The solution plan should be appropriately justified and illustrate to management what the expected gains of implementing your solution would ideally be.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : MIS500|MIS500 Solution Plan

MIS500 Foundations of Information Systems assessment two will discuss the recommendation that help to resolve any kind of contemporary issue in the business. By making the use of verifiable solutions the limitation of corresponding business will be resolved. This assessment will help to device a communication strategy that embodies the number of principles related to agile methodology and the complex business needs related to organization can also be served by considering the number of recommendations.

Word from the tutors

According to my opinion an information system will be recommended to the poor management of the data at Latureae university. The external references will be used in this approach in order to insight the claims farmed in concern of using information system at Latureae university. The principles of agile methodology will be used to plan and implement the selected information system at Latureae university. In this assessment, I will select a contemporary issues related to the university that will be tackled by using the technology. The recommendation related specific system will be designed in this approach that help empower the data management in the Latureae university.

Along with this, I will consider all the information system or trending information system while recommending it to the university and the use of system help to manage the large data on single platform. The work of the external authors related to the recommendation will be referred in this approach and solution plan will be developed by considering the number of steps and principles related to agile methodology. An appropriate solution will be recommended by me that help efficiently manage the data and gains of implementing the solution will also be discussed in this descriptive analysis. The APA style of referencing that will be followed in this approach and the format that will be followed to complete this assessment include introduction analysis and discussion, recommendation and conclusion. The introduction part of this agile based methodology will include the main objective or purpose of designing the assessment and the organization of assessment in the form of key points will also be approached. The analysis and discussion portion introduce the various concepts related to agile methodology that will be followed while planning and implementing the recommended information system at Latureae university. The conclusion and recommendations will also be included in this approach that will be referred from other researches.

The professional writing principles will be followed in order complete this analysis and quality of content will be delivered by referring the quality of references that re published on different online resources. the marking criteria that is defined in this assessment will be followed to fulfill the requirement of student with high level of satisfaction. In this research, I will use official reports of organization who have used the corresponding information system. the testing of system application will also be performed by following the norms of agile methodology and this will help to enhance the work quality delivered to the clients. I will assure the high grades for this assessment to students by including the comparative analysis of various technologies that will be used as information system in the university.

I will deliver 2000 quality words to my clients that will be plagiarism free and the objectives of framing this assessment will be achieved by including the deep analysis of the other work done in the same context. The application of verifiable solution will be tested by me which help satisfy the requirement with greater level of satisfaction. The competitive advantages that will be gained by implementing solution discussed in this documentation. The implications involved in the management of tools and techniques will also be evidenced in this documentation that help to gain high distinction marks for the students.