Torrens University PROJ6000 Module Discussion Assessment Item 1

Torrens University

Module Discussion

Assessment No: 1

PROJ6000|Principles of Project Management

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Torrens University PROJ6000 Module Discussion Assessment Item 1

Critically analyse particular personal traits or competencies that are important for project managers


To prepare for this discussion topic, read and explore your Learning Resources especially the project management websites.

Based on your current understanding of global project management, critically analyse particular personal traits or competencies that are important for project managers to possess in order to be most effective?

Briefly describe a project of which you are aware, either through personal experience, observation or from your own research. Explain the methods that could appropriately be used in project selection and their processes.

Your assessment should contain 500 words of your initial post and 250 words of the responding post

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : PROJ6000|Module Discussion

Assessment 1 - Module Discussion


This assessment will describe the various concepts related to PMBOK and process involved in groups related to project management will also be described in this assessment item. The best practices related to project management will also be discussed in this analysis by considering the secondary resources. The code of ethics related to management of project will be discussed in this approach and online learning environments can be used to improve the learning experience. This writing will describe the method and words of tutor related to this type of assignment that will help to provide clear understanding about the number of project management concepts. The usefulness of project management for engaged stakeholders will be exposed in this essay type of writing by considering the evidences that insight from the officials links and academic resources available online. This assessment 1 will comprise of Module Discussion that could be provided to the students by teachers during the course work of project management.

Words of tutor

In corresponding assessment, I will provide one post and response related to the post and topic of post would be related to project management. I will prepare this discussion by following the official websites on project management and the academic will also be refereed to frame this discussion. Based on the current understanding in will frame this discussion and concept related to global project management will also be discussed in this blog. I will critically evaluate and analyze the number of personal traits that play an important role for the number of project managers. The most effective traits will be evidenced from the official website of project management. I will describe the project and its project management in details and it will help to achieve high grades. The personal experience of student will also be discussed in this blog according to the demand of marking criteria. The methods that could be used for the selection of the project and its processes will also be discussed in this blog or discussion.

This assessment will include 500 words that could be referred from the academic journals and official website of project management. I will include my own observations and research to broadly define the concept of project management. The provided references will be used in this discussion that help to improve the quality of discussion. The plagiarism free content will be delivered to the interested student and high distinction grades assured by the submission of this article. I will refer the modules in this type of writing for satisfying the student requirements. The claims defined by the other authors will also be insight in this discussion. The code of ethics related to PMI will also be evaluated and discussed in this approach. The relevance of PMIs will also be examined in this blog type of writing. the experience of the customer related to online assessment writing will be improved by delivering the quality of content. The time and effort of student will be saved by considering this quality of work. The opportunity of sharing the knowledge related to project management will be served by the use of this formulation. The ethical values of using the project management will also be discussed in this blog discussion. The structuring of the blog will be done according to the norms of formal writing and use of more technical information will be avoided in order to preserve the essence of blog type writing. The lecture notes that could be provided with this assessment will also be inculcated in this discussion. This assessment will also provide the opportunity to the student to develop the understanding related to project management and its involved concepts.

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