Project Selection: PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management

Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and describe the initial process group

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Project Selection Methods and Initial Document

Assessment No: 2

PROJ6000|Principles of Project Management

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Project Selection: PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management


In essay writing, use the given/approved project throughout this assessment.

As you have discovered in your learning resources, examine project selection methods that can be applied appropriately to the given project and processes to conduct these methods. Consider the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) and describe the initial process group and project documents that are created or used as inputs for a new project.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : PROJ6000|Project Selection Methods and Initial Document


In PROJ6000 assessment item 2, the understanding related to knowledge area of PMBOK will be evaluated in order to improve the knowledge of students related to project management. The role, group, relevance and impact of project management on the successful completion of project will be identified by using evidences. The comparison between the approaches related to project management and their appropriateness will be addressed in this assessment. The variety of techniques that are available in concern of project management will be evaluated by the use of evidence based analysis. In this research the appropriate project management techniques will be applied for reducing the risk related to failure of project.

Words from tutors

I will undertake this PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management project to provide the knowledge related to project management to engaged customer, for this purpose an ethnographic analysis will be proposed that will discuss the project life cycle phases involved in the development of project. The series of phases that a project undergoes will be discussed in this assessment item. The alignment of project goals with the goals of the organization will be performed in this analysis in order upgrade the profitability and revenues of the organization. The implementation of project management technique will help to improve the efficiencies and the cost involved in the organizational processes. I will select the organization in which the project needs to be implemented because it is a challenging task to select appropriate project for serving the needs and limitations of the organization. to implement the appropriate project and appropriate project with appropriate methodology this assessment will be framed, because in this assessment I will identify and compare the different research methods for selecting the projects. Different ifferent methods of selecting the project and examination of initiation process will also be evaluated in this approach. The content or the details that will be required for this assessment can be taken from journal and project management book. There are number of research methods like qualitative and quantitative that will be used in this research to identify the best and appropriate technique for the project implementation in the organization. The implementation of project management approach help defines the relationship between the organizational goals and customer requirements.

The evaluation of business case will be done by considering the research methodologies. The different types of research methodologies will be evaluated on the basis of the data collection and analysis comprised in the methodology for the section of project to serve the needs of the organization. I will maintain the consistency of the approach selected in this assessment that help to improve the quality of project delivered to the students. I assure high distinction grades to the number of students because all types of methodologies will be compared in this PROJ6000 Principles of Project Management project. The details related to primary and secondary data required for the formulation of the methodology will also been described in this approach. The analysis techniques like ethnographic analysis, deep analysis and quantitative analysis will be compared in order to identify the appropriate approach. This identified method will be applied consistently throughout the research project. The marking criteria of this assessment will also be considered while formulating methodologies. I will explore the initiation documents by considering the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK) guide for the implementation of project. The academic journals related to project management along with the books will be used in this approach for investigating the appropriate methodologies for project implementation in organization. The introduction of this assessment will comprise of main purpose along with awareness related to main context of framing the corresponding approach. APA style referencing will be used to define and refer the work of variant authors. The level of understanding will be fostered by the delivery of this article to the customers that will be responsible in online assessment writing. The supporting evidences are used in this approach for creating the level of understanding between the engaged students and their teachers. This assessment is totally plagiarism free and I can assure that quality of references and work will be deliver to the interested customers.