PROJ6000 Personal Reflection Item 4 Project management knowledge

Project management practices, implementation and competencies of the project team

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PROJ6000 Personal Reflection

Assessment No: 4

PROJ6000|Principles of Project Management

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PROJ6000 Personal Reflection  Item 4 Project management knowledge


By the first half of Module 6, you will be required to submit a 1500-word reflection of your learning throughout the subject using the given/approved case study.

Your reflection should include project management knowledge you have gained throughout the previous learning modules in this subject and appropriate use of additional resources related to this assessment.

Based on what you have learnt in this subject, describe project management practices, implementation and competencies of the project team that result in success and/or failure in the given project. Critically analyse how you could do to enhance or improve success rate of the project.

Include references to readings and additional resources discovered.

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TUTOR PROPOSAL FOR : PROJ6000|PROJ6000 Personal Reflection

In this PROJ6000: Principles of Project Management Assessment 4, the valuation of processes involved in the project management will be performed and this assessment will also include the leadership style that could be used to manage the risk relate to project management. In this approach the best practices related to project management will also be quoted by using secondary evidences. This PROJ 6000: Principles of Project Management assessment will consider the comparison between the project management techniques that can be used to handle the different type of projects.  In this assessment the different types of leadership style required for the management of successful project will be discussed. The project management technique will only be implemented by the involvement of leader and the style opted by the leaders also effect the completion of project. The range of leadership style will be discussed in this assessment 4 that help to manage the risk involved in large scale projects. 

Word from the tutors

 I will include and describe the leadership style that can be used for ensuring the success of the project. The style of leadership used is entirely dependent on the individual it will evaluate that how the traits of leader define his or her leadership style. The personal capabilities of the leaders will be discussed that help to manage the adversities in the organization. I will discuss skills and competencies required for the project manager for ensuring the success of the project and I will identify the impact by most prominent skills on the success of the project. 

The communication skills of a leader also effect final outcomes of the project. I will use my critical thinking to analyze and evaluate the skills required for the successful leader. In this PROJ 6000: Principles of Project Management I will use my critical thinking approach to identify the relationship between the project outcomes and technologies used and for this purpose the secondary evidences will be explored. The secondary evidences like book, journal and new articles will be referred in this documentation and the content that will be submitted to the customer will be genuine and hand written. This PROJ 6000: Principles of Project Management assessment is free from all types of plagiarism and the parameters of leadership styles will be referred from the books and the journals. The decision making capabilities of the leaders will also be assessed to study their impacts on final outcome. 

The professional writing skills will be used by me as tutor for formulating this assessment. The appropriate decision making capabilities of an individual will also be defined by using this descriptive analysis. This descriptive analysis will be framed by using the critical evaluation skills and this help to achieve the high grades in this assessment of PMBOK. for the purpose of evaluating the various financial parameters a project leader must have the technical knowledge and should select the appropriate project that need to be implemented in the organization. the use of selection methodologies will be proliferated by the decision makers in order to serve the limitation of the company. I will discuss the technical skills required for the leaders for managing the change with the positive outcomes in the organization.  

In addition to this, I will include the formal structure of APA style writing in order complete this PROJ 6000: Principles of Project Management assessment. In this assessment, there will be three main section that define the layout of the assessment, section 1 will be introduction part, section 2 will be body part which comprise of critical thinking about the leadership style and its application for reducing the risk related to project failure and at the end of this assessment conclusion will be included. The number of journals and article will be used in this assessment to support the work done in concern of subject matter of PROJ 6000: Principles of Project Management assignment. The conclusion of this assessment will to direct the leader to select the best leadership style to manage the risks related to project failure.  The professional style of writing used in this approach help to achieve the high distinction grades for students pursuing project management course work.

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