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ICT702 Python TASK 2 Data Wrangling Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Python

Chill Chai – iced tea shop The local iced tea shop needs a new ordering system to improve customer service by streamlining the ordering process. The manager of the store has found that many orders are incorrect and staff at times enter incorrect prices. The manager wants a new ordering system to avoid these errors and to ensure correct prices are charged. At present...

34 27/02/2020

HI5020 Corporate Accounting Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Corporate Accounting

Assignment Specifications Purpose: This assignment aims at developing a clear understanding of students on different sources of funds used/raised by companies. They will need to identify different sources of fund used by two selected companies, discuss the evolution of the sources of fund used by the selected companies over a period of 3 years. They will have to relate the re...

35 27/02/2020

MGT501 Case Analysis Business Human Resource Management Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Human Resource Management

In the contemporary management environment, mergers and acquisitions are hot topics; particularly as mergers and acquisitions are among the most commonly used strategies for growth. The pitfalls of mergers are well known and well-studied in the management literature. There are some fundamental challenges that organisations keep stumbling over. One of them is integration. Pre...

35 27/02/2020

COIT20248 Information Systems Analysis & Design Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Information Systems Analysis & Design

Assignment 2 is a group assignment (a maximum of four students in a group). Note that a group cannot consist of members from “different” tutorial sessions. Your course knowledge gained about how to model the systems requirements in both the traditional systems analysis and object-oriented approaches will be assessed through the tasks in this assignment. You need to submit a de...

34 27/02/2020

BCO6603 Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Enterprise Resource Planning Systems

Section A : Master Data Task 1 Create a material master record: Material CHDX1###, Child Deluxe Bike. This is a TRADING GOOD (Material Type: HAWA), i.e. a material which is purchased from a vendor and resold to customers; no additional processing is done. It is part of the Mechanical Engineering industry sector. Use the following data: Net weight 6000 g...

34 27/02/2020

MAA716 assignment 2 consolidation Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Financial accounting

Description / Requirements An excel workbook with the following six (6) sheets: Sheet 1: Instructions Sheet 2: Background Information Sheet 3: Consolidated Journal Entries Sheet 4: Consolidated Worksheet e. Sheet Consolidated Income Statement f. Sheet Consolidated Balance Sheet Before you start the assignment, you must read the detailed instructions contained...

35 27/02/2020

 Enterprise architecture Individual Presentation Group assignment Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Enterprise architecture

Trimester Assignment The Assignment takes the form of a report that the student prepares for a C-level manager (CEO, CTO, CIO, ...), in which the author(s) will: To prepare the white paper you need to find, read and then cite reliable peer reviewed / authoritative sources (such as books and journal articles, or conference papers, government reports and the like, and to a...

37 27/02/2020

Cybersecurity | CSE5ISM | Incident Management Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Cybersecurity Incident Management

Assessment Task 3: Develop a business continuity plan. Case study and report (2000 words equivalent) In Assessment Task 3, the participants must study the assessment of a company from newspaper reports which suffered from a recent cybersecurity incident, describe the environment the organisation operates in and develop a Business Continuity Plan (BCP) for that particular...

36 27/02/2020

HI6008 Business Research Project Assessment And Tutor Proposal

Related: Business Research Project

Specifications Purpose: This unit aims to give you an opportunity to combine many facets of your acquired MBA skills into the production of a high-quality research project. Assignment 2 - the Literature Review - is designed to ensure that each team member masters the skills of searching, locating, reading, summarising, and using relevant academic literature and secondary da...

36 27/02/2020

PPMP2014 Professional project management discussion forum 2 Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Professional project management

Explain all points given below Challenge face by Australia to manage waste, in past, present and future. Risk and problem in current waste management practices. This point need all of our contribution Stakeholder Register and Stakeholder matrix find at list 3 stakeholder each member and share it with the person who is doing stakeholder matrix.See Attachment...

36 27/02/2020

HRES2401 Employee Learning and Development Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Employee Learning and Development

Assignment: Adult Learning - Self-Exploration Purpose of assignment: To have learners explore adult learning principles on a deeper level by connecting what they have learned to their own personal learning experience. The best way to understand the adult learners they will be training is to better understand who they are (our learners) as an adult learner, and what impact...

36 27/02/2020

Consumer Behavior Assignment 3 Assessment and Tutor Proposal

Related: Consumer Behavior

Task Analyse and critically examine the personal effects that influence the decision making behaviour of a target market. Then make recommendations about how this knowledge could improve/enhance a firms marketing strategies. Identify and analyse the individual difference factors that are directly relevant to the consumers (target market) in the case study organisation sel...

36 27/02/2020