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IoT Research Report: Milestone 1

Home Assignment Answers IoT Research Report: Milestone 1


In order to write an annotated bibliography paper first, individuals have to select an appropriate research topic, which are on high demand nowadays. Some of the popular topics which can be chosen are: IoT Mining Industry, RFID, IoT Devices and Next Generation Manufacturing, IoT in Automobile Industry, IoT Revenue Model challenges, Future of Fog Domain, IoT and Data Analytics, IoT for reducing food wastage, Big data challenges in IoT and Cloud, Blockchain technology in IoT, Machine Learning in IoT, IoT for Sustainability etc.

To write an annotated paper, one must have to give proper introduction about the understanding of the topics. The introduction part will contain all important ideas and information, which are essential for the readers to get an idea about the report. Overall research topic will be explained in this particular section. Along with the structure of report which determine the overview of each point that are covered in the particular report.

Annotated Bibliography

An annotated bibliography is a list of research sources, which are to be analysed properly in order to conduct a research on a specific topic. It basically gives an account of the research that has to be done on a selected topic. It provides concise summary of research papers along with its value and strong point of view. Stage of annotated bibliography is a stag that can be one of the largest stage of research work, depends on the nature of assignment.

One of the basic formats of annotated bibliography is:


Citation is the way to tells readers that a particular material used in the work comes from a different source. It also provides users with important information to rediscover this source, which includes information about the author, work title, the name and area of the organization that distributed its source, the date on which it is used, the number of borrowed material page.


Annotation should summarize the overall work. by following some questions such as; What are the main disputes? What is the purpose of this book or article? What topics are insured? The length of your explanations will determine how point by point your summary is.


Critique begins with a summary of the article, but contrasts with a simple summary, since it includes a proper analysis of authors’ work.

Critique refers to the main draft of the document, the issues raised by the reviewers must address the enormous problems associated with the cause, or the result system, due to the logical audit of the article for example, defects in the justification or material of origin and contradictions, instead of reaction. The uncertainty and inconsistency that appear in the document can also be addressed. The arguments of the authors should be reviewed with the evidence that they have been provided and reviewers opinions must be included in an effective and well-structured manner. All the negative and positive facts of the work is reviewed along with some recommendation which can be followed by the authors to be more productive in his or her work. Therefore, by analysing the critique readers must be able to get the positives and negatives of the particular work of author.



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