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A Model to Saas Model

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Cloud computing provides three types of services – IaaS, PaaS and SaaS. IaaS provides an online infrastructure to migrate local infrastructure to the cloud. After the deployment of IaaS, the IaaS vendor is responsible for the management of opted infrastructure services like storage, networks, servers, operating systems etc. by the client. On the other hand, PaaS provides an online platform to develop and manage the application over the cloud. After the deployment of PaaS, the PaaS vendor is responsible for the management of opted platform services by the client. PaaS provider provides infrastructure as well as a platform over the cloud to develop and manage the client application over the cloud. The third service of the cloud is SaaS which provides the hosted software application to the client for supporting its business activities and services. SaaS vendor is responsible for managing infrastructure, platform and software and provide off-the-shelf but online software services. SaaS is known as complete service which reduces the overhead of the client to choose, develop and manage the software application. The client needs to pay the vendor for the chosen and utilised software services over the cloud.


SaaS is also known as Software as a Service which allows the users to connect to the cloud-based software application and to use it using the internet. SaaS provides the complete software solution to the clients on rent. The SaaS vendors are responsible for managing the software application, hardware and software required for the services under a service agreement, data and its availability to provide application services and security of data of the client accessed by the software application. SaaS provides quick access to data and services using this cloud-based software application at minimum cost.

Services provided by SaaS

SaaS is responsible for managing the infrastructure and platform itself to provide the hosted application service. Thus, the client does not need to bother and purchase the IaaS and PaaS to access the cloud-based software application services. SaaS vendor is responsible for managing datacenter, networking, security, server, storage, operating system, database management, analytics and hosting of the application. In this way, SaaS saves the time and cost of the clients.


The services like Outlook, Yahoo, Gmail etc. are the hosted online applications can be used by the users simply by logging in using a web browser. Similarly, cloud-based software as a service provides the ready applications to avail the users to manage their business activities. The users can simply log in to the cloud-based software to avail their services. This type of service of the cloud is collaborative so that multiple users can collaboratively work together to use this application. The most common tools used by the organisations are office tools, email and calendaring as a SaaS.

When to choose PaaS or SaaS?

If any organisation wants to develop its application in the cloud, then it can opt for PaaS, but if the organisations want to save their time and cost then they can go for SaaS. Sometimes, the organization are concerned about their security and looking for the customised platform then it needs to go to PaaS. Although PaaS provides more satisfaction to the clients, there is no doubt to opt and use the readymade software application service of the cloud. SaaS also has potential to provide complete security to the client’s data, but the client must be aware of the security parameter to be mentioned and signed in the SLAs between him and vendor. There is the wide range of SaaS available in the market. These are the tools with the strong features those can manage them easily all the business activities of the users. These tools save the time, cost and need to develop any new tool to drive the business processes of the client.

List some famous saas cloud?

There is the wide range of SaaS available in the market to carry out the different business activities. Below is the famous SaaS widely used in the market –

  1. Salesforce – It is a tool of Salesforce company used for CRM and supports social marketing, analytics etc.
  2. Office 365 – It is a tool of Microsoft used for office automation and supports Dynamics CRM, SharePoint, Collaboration, SQL server databases.
  3. Box – It is a tool used for cloud storage and provides file collaboration and edition of the files stored at cloud server.
  4. G Suite – It is a collection of SaaS by Google. It provides the services like Gmail, calendar, storage, custom email features in the cloud.
  5. ADP – It is used for payroll management in the cloud. In involves HR, Payroll and capital management.
  6. WebEx – It is a tool of Cisco. It provides the professional video conferencing environment and collaboration service to work together on projects.
  7. GitHub– It is a cloud-based tool used to track software development and used for the full project management. It is used for version control
  8. Shopify – Shopify is a multi-channel commerce platform based on the cloud and used for different sized businesses. It is also used to manage the inventory using online platform.
  9. Marketo– Marketo is a tool used for marketing automation. It is used to provide inbound marketing, CRM, social marketing etc.
  10. Tableau - It is a cloud-based software used for data visualisation and analytics to provide business intelligence.

What is SharePoint 2013?

SharePoint 2013 is a strong cloud-based tool launched by Microsoft. This tool is used to discover, share and collaborate. It allows the professionals to work together with the secure document management and team projects. It is used to explore and support the options to manage the teams and projects efficiently. Now SharePoint is the integrated feature with Office 365. The users need to subscribe to Office 365 plans and access this cloud application of Microsoft.

Strong features of SharePoint 2013 to provide more access

  • It is available with three interfaces – Newsfeed, OneDrive and Sites
  • To make it more accessible, the client can control its access to reading or write commands
  • User can receive the periodic alerts on its update
  • It also supports the development and installation of the application to perform a specific task.
  • It supports drag and drop of files between desktop and cloud.

How to deal with assignment of cloud computing and SAAS model of the cloud?

There’s no denying the fact that most of the universities are inculcating regular sessions for the students to make them active about the various new technologies which are prevailing in the current trend. This is but obvious that the students, especially the ones who belong to the domain of computer science, are focused on getting a good job in the technical domain. In those circumstances, the students would encounter the use of these technologies. This is why it is specifically important to keep the assignments on important stance associated with the cloud-based topics.

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