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Case Study: ABC Fitness Gym

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: ABC Fitness Gym

The owner of ABC Fitness Gym was started his gym in 1997. When this gym was opened, the owner has very small premise, which had capacity of handling less the twenty members only. After some time, the owner of acquired more premises and about 150 instructors for part-time. Now, there are total 50 full time employees working in ABC Fitness Gym and also total 150 part time instructors. Moreover, the owner of this gym also increased the membership capacity of customer and can now provide the deals related to the membership to the companies. In order to run as well as maintain the entire business of ABC Fitness Gym, the below given specifications of system was utilized as well as created different IT systems also.

• Members

Now, the Gym has been categorized in two different types of members, which involve the individual members and corporate employee members (employees of the companies, which have paid corporate fees. The members of both the categories are allowed to pay annual subscription and the corporate employee members less rate as compared to individual employees. Gym is revised the subscription rates in January month. The corporate fee, which is payable by the employer companies is also revised in the month of January every year.

• Employees

All the employees are employed by particular department of gym and the gym requires to get information that department of each employee in which he worked previously. Along with this, potential new members of the gym also ask to view the facilities provided by the gym before joining in ABC fitness gym.

• Use of equipment of gym

The equipment of ABC Fitness Gym is separated into different basic categories as mentioned below:

Weight Machines: These machines are used for the exercise of muscle groups and this type of exercise mainly involves anaerobic.

Cardiovascular Machines: These types of machines are used for the power joggers and exercises bikes. These machines also give the benefits of aerobic after few minutes. These machines are controlled electronically and permit the users to choose different standards and programs of difficulty.

• Equipment Maintenance

In ABC Fitness Gym, there is a row of total ten jogging machines and various exercise bikes as well as rowing machines. There are several specialist organizations that manufacture the equipment for gym and each organization need to be registered with trade association. The gym has also bought machines from these manufacturers. A machine type is basically known by the name of the manufacturer and the model number of the manufacturer. Along with this, the spare parts of the machines also embedded with make and model numbers. The owner of ABC Fitness Gym has offered the below given mission statement for new organization:

We aim to give our customers with enhanced services with the use of IT systems by:

• Being capable for processing the membership renewal timely.
• Increase the retention of member
• Ensuring all safety and health requirements are met to all the needs of new members
• Maintaining all the equipment used by gym to the high standard
• Offering high-level and accurate staffing to all the customers with the requisite skills
• Offering the state-of-the-art equipment

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