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COIT20262 Advanced Network Security: Assessment Item 1

Home Assignment Answers COIT20262 Advanced Network Security: Assessment Item 1

What is Virtnet?

Virtnet is termed to be as Virtual Box which I used for creating virtual machines which are running on Ubuntu Linux and then configured in order to create a virtual network. This type of virtual network is used for testing and demonstrating basic network and security concepts and technologies which will be used within the network. On the other hand, Virtnet is also used for simplifying and speeding up the process in a single base virtual machine which is created in VirtualBox and then scripts which are created mostly used to automatically clone the base of the necessary number of nodes which are required in the network. It is also referred to as the collection of scripts which are used to setup the nodes for creating a desired topology.

Role of Cryptography in Virtnet

Cryptography is termed to be as technology which is mostly used for achieving the several goals of information security which basically includes confidentiality, integrity and authentication.

• Confidentiality: Cryptography is responsible for protecting the confidendiality of information while transmission of encrypted information which is useless for any unauthorized person without the use of proper keys for decryption
• Integrity: Cryptography also helps in ensuring the integrity of information by the use of various hashing algorithms and message digests.
• Authentication: Cryptography is also responsible for authentication services by help of digital signatures, digital certificates and public key infrastructure.

Research on Denial of Service Attack

A Distributed Denial of Service attack is termed to be as a malicious attempt which is used for disrupting the normal traffic of targeted servers or network by overwhelming the target. Distributed Denial of Service attacks also helps in achieving the effectiveness by utilizing the multiple comprised computer systems as a source of attack which is caused due to traffic. In regard to a high level, Distributed Denial of Service attack is termed as traffic jam which is clogging up with the highway and helps in prevention of regular traffic from its desired destination.

How does a DDoS attack work

Distributed Denial of Service attack requires an attacker which is used for gaining control over the network of online machines which are used for carrying out an attack. Computer and other machines are infected with malware which turns each one information which is transferred to a bot. In this attacker has remote control over the group of bots which are termed as botnet. In this case when once botnet is established, the attacker can send the updated instructions to the machines with a method of remote control.

Common types of DDoS attack

Distributed Denial of Service involves overwhelming a target device or network with a traffic. It can be broadly categorized into three categories which are as

• layer attack
• Protocol attack
• Volumetric attack

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