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Annotated Bibliography Security Framework for IOT

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Annotated Bibliography Security Framework for IOT

(Naru, Saini & Rathee, 2017) defined that security plays an essential role in the network in order to prevent misuses of data, unauthorized access, data monitoring etc. In this article, author proposed the security IOT architecture which generates the secret key. This article is prepared in well manner and it is also very useful as maintenance of security has become a major challenge among all the users.

(Urien, 2017) introduced different security modules for frameworks of IOT (Internet of Things). These proposed modules are tampering resistant microcontrollers deploying TLS/DTLS applications with modest RAM sizes as well as small memory footprint that execute very strong and authentication based asymmetric or symmetric cryptographic procedures. This article is very useful as it provides techniques to enhance the performance and security of currently used IOT frameworks in appropriate manner.

(Sahoo, Sahoo & Panda, 2015) introduced a secured architecture for IOT in network based on SDN. This framework is very necessary as security of SDN in these days has become an open issue. This complete article is presented in very accurate and structure manner. This article is also very useful as it helps to enhance the security in SDN in IOT environment effectively.

(RADOVICI, RUSU & SERBAN, 2018) defined that security features are very important in IOT system where updating or replacing the hardware components because of security concerns is very expensive. This article is present in well-structured manner that make a review about different recent security and malware threats related to IOT. This article is very useful as authors proposed an appropriate solution in order to run secure applications on IOT devices.

(Yu, Xue, Kilari & Zhang, 2018) investigated the inevitable risk related to security offloading. Through this article, author proposed a stochastic model in order to capture security risks of IT system. Along with this, it also proposed a framework to address the optimal robust implementation about security mechanisms in IOT. This research is done in very appropriate and considered as very useful for IOT users to enhance the security in all manners.

(Varshney & Gupta, 2017) utilized the block chain technique in order to develop a framework that demonstrates how smart devices interact with each other with posing of block chain as a backbone. The framework provides as a scalable as well as robust solution to address the security and identity concern related to security. This given article is very useful for providing the better security to IOT environment and all the devices connected in this.

(Sharma, Khanna & Bhatnagar, 2016) defined that traditional methods are not appropriate and feasible to work with IOT systems. The article evaluated that there is a major requirement to identify new techniques to find accurate answers to different security challenges as well as prevent data theft. This article involves the complete research in well-structured manner through which authors apply TRIZ methodology in order to resolve all the underlying contradictions for the identification of solutions related to issues cased with IOT devices.

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