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Approaching Towards Cloud Computing

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Cloud computing

Is an emerging technology which is used to deliver the services over the internet. This technology ensures the delivery of virtual servers, virtual storage, software, analytics etc. There is the wide range of vendors available in the market to offer these cloud services. The major advantage of the cloud computing is that it charges the users based on the utilisation of the services. Thus, it is considered as the cost-effective and high available computing services.

Cloud computing for daily operations

Cloud computing has been extensively used for many online services like to send email, to listen to music, edit documents, play games or to store different type of files. Along with this, cloud is used to

  • Create new online applications and services
  • Online store, back up and recover data
  • Online streaming of audio and video
  • Deliver online software services on demand
  • Online data analysis and predictions.

What are the benefits of approach towards cloud computing?

There are certain benefits of the cloud computing those should be considered by the organisations to avail its services by migrating over it–

  • Cost – Cloud computing is the cost-effective technology which provides the high computing services without demanding any spend of the cost to purchase new hardware and software. This technology is used to provide the online data centres and online cloud services on the existing hardware.
  • Speed – Cloud computing provides on-demand services at high speed by utilising the computing resources with the reduced pressure of computing resources capacity.
  • Productivity – Cloud computing has been reduced the overhead and cost of on-site datacenters. It provides ready-made online data centres for the users to access the services. In this way, it is reducing the overhead of the users and enhancing their productivity to be carried other activities.
  • Performance –cloud computing provides high-performance services by providing the data centres over a worldwide network. By using online datacenters, the connected hardware devices are capable of accessing the data with the low latency.
  • Global Scale – Cloud computing is highly scalable technology which is capable of providing elastic storage, power, bandwidth etc. when and where it is required.
  • Reliability – Cloud computing is reliable enough to provide data backup, business continuity and disaster recovery in an easy manner and at the low cost. The data backup can also be mirrored to know the manner of redundant sites on the network of the cloud vendor.

Office automation using cloud

Cloud computing has been proving as highly beneficial to ensure and deploy the office automation. This emerging technology has been transforming the traditional business model by encouraging the effective collaborations. Cloud computing is providing a service-oriented model to offer the industrial or office automation. It enables the connected users to avail the higher-level services of an automated system. Cloud computing is used to build a virtual and collaborative environment by connecting the distributed users of the organisation. Cloud provides the office automation services like email, word processing and spreadsheets. These services provide collaborative access to the connected users of an organisation. An organisation would get an online infrastructure where the cloud services deploy for the shared access.

For example – The office automation services like Google docs, Google sheets etc. are the collaborative services. The distributed employees of an organisation could access and edit centralised Google doc and Google sheet hosted in the cloud to be carried out collaborative work.

Critical points to be considered while migrating to the cloud

There are some critical points need to be considered while migrating to the cloud by any organisation. These points are important for the business continuity, cost saving, fraud detection, transparency of the cloud services etc.

  • Cloud provider verification – You need to verify before opting the cloud vendor that does it have all the rights to provide required cloud services by you.
  • Software compatibility – You need to confirm that business services or software you have planned to migrate to the cloud are compatible with the cloud server to be hosted on
  • Data location– You must have transparency in your data storage location over the cloud that where it is stored and what kind of security has been applied to it to prevent it from authorised
  • Cost cutting – You must be aware of the cost cutting and penalties you could charge to the vendor for the non-provision and miss of any service signed in the SLAs.
  • Verification of usage and costs– You should never blind faith any cloud provider, it is important for you to periodically verify the bills according to your usage of the cloud services.

How to choose a vendor or a service provider?

The process of migrating to the cloud starts with the selection of cloud vendor. It is the responsibility of the client to assess the capability and reliability of the vendor to entrust and migrate its applications and data on it. The important things to be considered while choosing a vendor are: -

  1. The vendor should have maintained a good financial health and sufficient capital in the market over a long term.
  2. The vendor should have established risk management policies, management structure and a formal process for the assessment of the third-party cloud services.
  3. The vendor should have entrusted position in the market and have a high level of cloud experience.
  4. The vendor should have a good understanding of your business and better knowledge of the services you are looking for.
  5. The vendor should have compliance to provide all the requirements of yours over a third-party audit.

Cloud computing keeping the potential to enhance and transform the business process of every industry and organisation. It saves the time and cost of the industry and organisation by cutting the unusual cost and by utilising the traditional software and hardware to provide the merged services. It is very important for the organisations to understand the concept of cloud computing and how they could transform their business model before migrating to cloud. The right knowledge of cloud computing, its services and vendors, guide the users or clients how to use it effectively and efficiently with the high business benefits.

Why is it important to have an understanding of the cloud approach?

The college-going students are provided with subjects and assignments regarding the latest technologies and information systems. In this segment, cloud computing can be stated to be an emerging technology which is necessary to be studied. The technology has found its implementation in multiple sectors and to get through all this data; it is necessary that one should have a clear understanding about what this technology is and how it is providing benefits to the working sector.

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