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Assessment Item 1 Security Framework for IOT

Home Assignment Answers Assessment Item 1 Security Framework for IOT

Assessment Item 1 Security Framework for IOT

  1. About me: Who are you? What do you do? What is your Experience and Interest in this Project?
  2. Project Title: Security Framework for IOT.
  3. Blog Site Address: You need to generate a blog site address for this section.
  4. Project Problem Domain: IOT has become a widely used technology in these days and it has been implemented in various sectors such as education sector, healthcare sector etc. In IOT based infrastructure, there is a huge amount of data to manage, which must be kept secure in all manners. For the management of this huge amount of data, there is a requirement to utilize appropriate security framework so that all the issues can be resolved in accurate manner.
  5. Background/Context/Description: IOT is the technology which basically refers to several physical devices in all over the world connected to internet, gathering as well as sharing data. There are number of benefits offered by IOT to different sectors. Along with these benefits, some security issues can also be raised such as information disclosure, data leakage, malicious attacks etc. It is very important to control all these issues with the use of appropriate security measures.
  6. Project Aim/Objectives: The aim of the research is to propose an appropriate security framework to enhance the security of overall IOT infrastructure. It is necessary to secure all the data related to IOT so that no data or information can be affected from any kind of security and privacy attack in any manner.
  7. Scope: Through this research, an appropriate security framework will be provided to the IOT users in order to eliminate all the security and privacy issues effectively.
  8. Not in scope: No implementation of proposed framework will be done in the research. Along with this, no experiment can be performed in any manner.
  9. Deliverables/Outcomes: The main deliverables of the research involve:
  • New security framework for IOT
  • Project schedule report
  • Complete research report
  1. Resources: The resources of research involve research papers, secondary data, journals etc.

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