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Assessment 1: Project Management Methodologies

Home Assignment Answers Assessment 1: Project Management Methodologies

Assessment 1: Project Management Methodologies

Que 1. Define what a methodology is and the role it serves in project management.

Methodology, is defined as set of rules or instructions that are carried out during development of project to control sub processes and ensures the success of project through effective decision making and problem solving techniques. In general, it is a procedure to avoid failure and reduce risks and act as the core competency of the management process to ensure the success of project.

Any methodology which is used in project development, has important role and to manage development cycle of a project by applying principles and procedures related to project management. Also explain specific steps to make decision based on progressing of project development. It also serves as role of guide which help to project manager and management team through development and execution of the phases to take decision regarding particular project management life-cycle.

Que 2.  Research and Study about various methodologies & processes in the list below. Choose two methodologies/processes from this list to compare and contrast, analysing the similarities and differences between them both. Given list

List of project methodologies and processes
 •Agile XP
 •Unified process (Object Oriented Approach)
 •Agile Scrum

 Project methodologies-the framework for building a project from requirements to final stage and completion of project. Various methodologies are used and implemented according to complexity of project and choose by project management team. Below some methodologies are explained, used in project development life cycle;

PRINCE2: Project IN Controlled Environments(PRINCE2), is not only methodology but also created and adapted by UK government for large sale IT projects, for managing projects. It is a full stack waterfall and process oriented methodology Documentation is done at each stage of project development as it is divided into stages and helps with performance appraisals and organization planning. Each project development stage has its own plan and processes to follow. Inputs and outputs are defined for every stage of a project so that nothing is left to reevaluate.

Agile Scrum: It considered as a framework to manage software development in quick manner. Scrum relies on self-organizing, cross-functional team where team have to adapt to new situations within a system. Instead of describing project in detail, responsibility is given to scrum software development team. A series of sprints is used to track project progress, in a short time span, keeping with an agile methodology.











Agile scrum VS PRINCE2

·       Both methodology widely used and recognized by industry.

·       Agile scrum and PRINCE2, are more suitable to complex projects where changes need to evaluate at every phase.

·       Both methodology focus on product quality.

·       Easy to use and implement procedures during project management life cycle.


·       Agile scrum is much better than PRINCE2 METHODOLOGY in terms of adaptability.

·       PRINCE2 methodology is highly documented, structured whereas agile scrum is lacking in that to clarify details of project as changes are made at each iteration according to requirement and for future use.

·       Scrum methodology uses user feedback to make changes and individuals participation is visible in project development, but it is not same in PRINCE2 methodology.

·       Working product is only available at project conclusion, but in agile scrum, product is tested at each iteration.

·       Changes are easy to implement in scrum methodology, but minimum changes done during project development in PRINCE2 methodology.


Que 3. Finally, identify how your chosen methodologies/processes in 2. relate to the project life cycle (PLC)

Agile scrum and PRINCE2, both methodology covers phases of project life cycle for project development. General project management methodology such as PRINCE2 is built around a sequential model and highly documented and followed seven principles, seven themes, and seven processes, continued business justification, learn from experience, defined roles and responsibilities, manage by stages, manage by exception, focus on products, tailor to suit the project environment. By this, PRINCE2 is clearly project life cycle based methodology. The PRINCE2 project life cycle starts with requirement, solution generation and feasible study and these are taken as inputs to the project life cycle.

Scrum approach uses agile philosophy and add its own features to complete the project. It places the project team in center and these scrum team members includes five phases of project life cycle; foresee project need of start, requirement(planning), speculate, explore, adapt change (project monitoring and control management) and complete execution (project closure) of product. Project is delivered in short time span.

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