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Assessment 3 Project Charter

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Assessment 3 Project Charter

Project description

The report is in accordance with Globex corporation initiative to start training and apprenticeship program for high school students which help them stand in growing competitive world. The organization has thought to develop a new inventory based information system which can provide easy management of information. The new information system will collaborate three major entities such as schools, Globex organization representative and farm equipment manufactures. The information system will store information related to students such as name, school details, year of completion, skills, preferred course choices etc. The automated system will also collect continuous information related to development of student skills on which basis student will be appreciated. Therefore, report covers various analysis which conducted in report such as MOV, scope management planning, WBS, project risk analysis, quality management planning and closure evaluation of project.


Measurable Organizational Value (MOV) defines the goals and requirements of the project, which is to be fulfilled while delivering the project to the clients. MOV identifies an area of the impact such as Operational, strategic, customers, financial and social. It has been identified that all the operational activities of the organization will be managed in an effective manner.

            Project values are identified in MOV, which will define the goals and objectives of the project an effective manner. It will help in defining the requirements of the desired project. While, MOV metric would help the organization to collect information about ROI, cost, and overall time for development of the project. MOV of the project mainly focuses on two different values such as better and faster. The students would be able to provide better services to students, which will also help the students in getting proper knowledge of farming. The MOV value of the project mainly focuses on ROI, Cost, and Time. It has been analyzed by MOV matric that the project would be delivered to its clients without any delay or disruption.

Scope management plan

The main purpose of the scope management plan is to define deliverables and requirements of the project which must be fulfilled by the project development team. Scope management plan mainly consists of three activities such as Planning, Create WBS, and scope control. In scope control, both, in-scope as well as out-scopes are defined. In order to meet with the objectives of the project, a list of needed resources such as human resources, software, hardware etc. are provided. An effective scope management plan will help the organization to fulfill all the requirements of the project within the specified time and budget.


Work breakdown structure is division of complex task into deliverable and manageable pieces of work so that project can be developed into different phases. The WBS also helps in estimating overall cost and time for Globex information system project.  

Milestone of each phase



Requirement gathered

8 days

Planning finished

6 days

Drafted design document

10 days

Script code of information system

25 days

Implementation and maintenance finished

8 days

List of deliverables

  • SRS document
  • Plan document
  • Design document
  • WBS
  • System manual

List of Activities/ Tasks

Task Name

Online Management System (Stud Farm)

Requirement gathering

      Conduct survey

      One-to-one interviews

      Functional requirement analysis

      Non-functional requirement analysis


      Define roles

      Define responsibilities

      Create project management plan

      Feasibility analysis

 Design Implementation

      Identify design template

      Sample designs

      Design implementation finished

  Construction and Testing

      Coding language selected

      Software Developed


         Unit Testing

         Integration Testing

         Testing Finished


      Feedback taken

      User guide manual provided

Project risk analysis and plan

Project risk analysis and plan is considered as one of the most essential tasks, which are performed in the initiation phase of the project development. In which, different types of risks which can be associated while developing the project are identified and analyzed along with the proper solutions to mitigate these risks. In addition, it also defines the probability and impact of each risk on the overall project. Some of the risks, which can be associated while developing the project, it can be a change in the requirements, poor linking, inadequate output, budget overrun etc. Analyzing risks in the initiation phase will help the organization, as well as the project team, be aware of the risks. The management team can effectively make proper mitigation plans for those risks even before its occurrence. The probability of risks defines its occurrence probability during the development phase. Along with this, impacts of risks are also defined with the ratings of High, Medium, and Low.

Quality management plan

The development team and tester will be responsible for assuring quality of developed information system. The project manager properly need to properly manage development process in given interval time and allocated budget. Some of the validation and verification activities which need to performed for assuring quality are enlisted below:

  • The development process should verify designing, coding and testing phase for development of new information system.
  • The functional and non-functional requirements should be verified after every stage.
  • Customers reviews are used to validate the system quality after the implementation of information system in real world.
  • The project development will be completed will get completed in given amount of time and allocated budget.

Closure and Evaluation



Completed or not?

Are stakeholders are interviewed properly for requirement elicitation or not?


Software requirement specification document is approved by management or not?


Quality software is developed or not?


Final evaluation

Metric value

Time duration

Target value


Within 3 years

Increase by 60%


Within 6 months

Decrease by 20%

Development Time

Within 1 year and 6 months

Decrease by 10%

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