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Assessment 2: Team Work and Reflection

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Assessment 2: Team Work and Reflection

Team name

The development team is named as” THAS builders”. The team members involved in the development process are briefed below as such:

Unique id


E-mail address




Project manager



System analyst







 Project overview

The main objective of the Globex organization is to help farmers to increase productivity as well as reducing required time and cost. Globex corporation is major dealing in smart and innovative farming equipment and introducing new level of efficiency for organization. The board of Globex corporation is growing widely in farming sector with integration of innovative technologies. However, board of Globex has taken a strategic decision to initiate Training and Apprenticeship program for High School students. The organization is aiming to help high school students to improve their employment opportunities by gaining some additional work experiences in the field of farming sector. 

Project description

The Globex organization has requested to develop a computer based information system which can manage entire project of TAHS. The organization have long standing clients with Virtucon, who are tech-supportive company. The project is to develop an inventory system which can collaboratively work for three main entities of project such as schools, Globex representative and farming equipment manufactures. The developed inventory system will be used for storing information of enrolled students as well as enroll trainers to students. Furthermore, system is designed to strategically compare among course and student skill set in order to suggest appropriate courses to adopt.

Project goal

The project goal is to provide ease in management of information related to THAS project which will bring schools, farming equipment manufactures and Globex representative under one roof. The student details such as school, course, roll number, credential details etc. will be recorded in the developed information system. Furthermore, apprentice tracking and skill requirements are some add on features of the new information system.

Team Charter

There are four members in project development team, who have different roles such as project manager, system analyst, system designer & developer, and tester. The project is headed by system project manager who have excellent interpersonal skill, critical thinking skill, motivation power. Project manager has efficient knowledge of technical background and different programming language. Second person is system analyst who has good analytical skills, critical thinking skills etc. while system designer & developer have effective knowledge of different programming language, coding skills, and excellent communication skills. While tester has great skills of critical thinking, test case design etc. in an effective manner.

            These members have different responsibilities as per their roles within project management. Project manager has the responsibilities to deliver a quality project to client within specified constraints of time and budget. On the other hand, System analyst has responsibilities to perform various analysis operations in order to gather all the requirements of the project along with the resources, which are required. While, system designer & developer has the responsibilities to design a blue print of the project and perform coding operations according to the design. At last, tester has the responsibilities to test fully developed project to ensure whether all modules are functioning effectively or not.

Team Communication

In order to gather all the requirements of the project, and to plan project management it is essential for project director to prepare efficient communication plan among for team members and stakeholders. Team communication plan includes time, frequency and locations of communication where it going to be held. It will effectively help team members to coordinate with each other it will lead to successful project completion. Team communication plan also defines outcomes of each meetings in an effective manner.

Previous Experience

I have been a part of an academic project, I was assigned as business analyst. Where, I had responsibilities to gather all the requirements of the project as well as perform feasibility study. As a business analyst I have gained lot of positive and negative experiences such as getting quick solutions, different innovative ideas, decision making. While, negative experiences such as lack of time, lack of team communication, lack of interests etc.

Team Value and Code of Ethics

Different team values such as knowledge and sharing of resources, internal goals must be preferred, personal grudges must be ignored etc. while code of ethics such as decision must be democratic, resources should not be used for personal interest. These factors must be followed while developing a quality project.


Unique id
















Learning Cycle

Learning cycle defines meetings held between organizer and scribe for successful completion of the project. It also defines outcomes of each meeting in an effective manner. It will help the project manager to get the knowledge about running project processes. So, they can take efficient decision according to the situation.

Keywords: communication plan for an information system (Project),


Communication Plan

In order to gather progress report of project development, it is essential for project manager to prepare an effective communication plan, by following which meetings would be conducted between different team members. A proper communication plan includes location, frequency and mode of communication along with purpose of each meeting.

Task 4


How did your experience compare to your understanding of the leadership qualities required to successfully lead a project?

The development of team project is a complex task in which team leader have to play different roles in different situations. The leader needs have some special traits in order to successfully complete the project such as effective communication, enthusiastic and motivating nature. Being leader means you have to be pro-active in order to tackle critical situation, so that project development will not be hindered. The good leader also supposed to motivate its team in different situation of project development.

Based on your experience, what are necessary techniques, skills, methods and ICT project manager requires in the IT profession?

The ICT project manager is necessary requirement for modern day business because, information and technology has almost entered every sphere. ICT manager is responsible for providing technical support as well as effective communication for building trust among team. ICT project manager need to be keen learner in order to keep himself updated about fast growing information technology changes.

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