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ITC595 Assignment 5 Security Threats in Cloud Computing

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The shifting of data on cloud is an optimal decision for the organizations. the technology of cloud computing has boomed high in business due its number of benefits such as multi-tenancy, storage capacity, resource pooling etc. as far as the security factor is concern, it is necessary to eliminate the security issues in cloud for its effective use. The research aims at defining the importance applications of cloud computing like creation of image album, online file storage, and web application antivirus as well as various challenges like legal issues, confidentiality, and authenticity. The gaps in the studied literature suggest that there is a need to secure the services of cloud computing to pertains trust of users. Therefore, the future research includes security solution for web applications in terms of 4-tier framework of cloud.

Overview of technology

Cloud computing is well-known emerging technology that supports large and voluminous data with shared pools of storage area and resources. there are various models of cloud computing such as software as a service, platform as a service, infrastructure as a service etc. cloud computing is also applicable in different areas such as file storage, big data analytics, testing as well as development. However, there are some issues related to the technology of cloud computing such as malicious attacks and shared technological issues. the cloud can be categorized into three types such as public cloud, private cloud and hybrid cloud.

Relevant technologies and applications

In every year, cloud computing technologies emerge as well as shake up the enterprise market. Artificial intelligence is expected to be the hot advancement in the cloud computing technology. There are a number of technologies related to the cloud computing in which the artificial intelligence is incorporated.  The applications of cloud computing include:

  • Twitter related applications
  • Creation of image album with software like Flickr.
  • Web application antivirus.
  • Online file storage    

Challenges and problems

Cloud computing include various challenges and attacks like malicious attacks, shared technological issues and service hijacking. Apart from this, there are various challenges and problems such as:

  • Legal issues
  • Confidentiality
  • Authenticity
  • Trust
  • Cost

Identifying gaps in the literature

[1] focuses on the natural evaluation of data centers and cloud computing with the use of load balancing and virtualization technologies.
[2] describes competition in the cloud computing related to the technology. It focuses on the main security challenges and issues.
[3] describes new development grid in cloud computing and attacks like multiple cloud tenants, access controls, and intrusion detection and prevention.
[4] Cloud computing is an innovative technology which has the capacity to readymade environment in different forms. The paper also provides a number of challenges to the technology of cloud computing.
[5] focuses on the issue of data security in the cloud platform and discuss the negative impact of data security issues in cloud on its adoption in various organizations.

Literature gap

From the condensed review of literature, it has been investigated that the researchers focus on the issues, challenges, and application areas of cloud computing. The papers are limited to provide the method to overcome the issues in cloud computing.

Summarizing future direction

The future direction of the research is to provide a method or a framework in order to overcome the issues of data security in the cloud computing.


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