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Assignment One: Case Study (MGMT6012)

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Apple Inc. has around 132000 employees engaged in full-time operations with more than 1.3 billion products actively in use (Rossignol, 2018). The main aim of this report is to conduct a brief analysis of various human resource issues at Apple Inc. First section of the report provides a brief about the company and the research methodology used in completing this report. Human resource management practices and business environment at Apple Inc. is analyzed in the body part of the report. However, various human resource management and ethical issues also have been identified at Apple Inc. that have been discussed in the later part of the report.

Apple Inc., an American MNC founded on April 1, 1976, by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak is engaged in making computer hardware, software and mobile devices and is headquartered in California. It is a public company selling its products worldwide through its 500 retail outlets. Apple has various fellow programs to award individuals who make extraordinary technical and leadership contributions. Despite its various fellow programs, Apple doesn’t allow its employees to act outside their areas of expertise.

For the purpose of analyzing various human resource issues running at the Apple Inc., qualitative research methodology was used by browsing various internet sources. No statistical data was required in analyzing the human resource practices and management perspective, thus qualitative analysis is the best methodology in conducting the studies. The sources used in collecting information about various human resource management issues at Apple Inc. includes various websites, blogs, internet sources, journals and earlier conducted researches. Using different sources for the purpose of collecting data helped us to analyze the prevailing work culture and various employment and ethical issues running in the company.

(Delery & Gupta, 2016) explained the relationship between HRM practices and organizational effectiveness and found that HRM practices such as staffing, performance-based pay, employment opportunities enhance organizational effectiveness. Apple Inc. employees have a high passion to work toward the achievement of organizational goals and feels proud to work for an innovative company. However, some weaknesses have been identified in the HRM system of Apple which leads to a decrease in employee’s performance and morale levels.
It has identified various weaknesses in the HRM practices of Apple Inc. Some of the Human resource management issues are as follows:
1. The employees at Apple Inc. lacks clarity about various strategies and business and personal objectives. Along with this, strict policies are in force at Apple Inc. which lacks transparency.
2. The company doesn’t provide the needed motivation to employees and also rewards and recognition is also missing.
3. The employees of the company were forced to work for the long working hours and were paid wages less than the normal working hours. The company also violated various legal and human rights of employees for which various law suits are running.
4. Apple employees were given the treatment of criminals as various searches were conducted regularly to ensure if they had stolen anything.
5. The company doesn’t support the career path of employees. Along with this, various training policies are available but Apple wants its employees to reinforce them themselves.
6. Apple wants its employees to do hard work themselves by committing to the company objectives and mission.
Thus, it can be concluded that various workplace and human management issues are prevalent in the company which needs to settle down at the earliest.

Apple Inc. deals in various software and hardware products and manufactures various electronic products to meet customer expectations. The company is enjoying tremendous growth in its sales and performance due to high innovations in its manufacturing processes. Despite the high performance and sales, the company is facing various problems in its operations due to various external factors beyond its control. Thus, it has been identified that the company can only control its internal operation such as Human resource practices to maintain its high position and success rate.

Apple had tried to maintain ethical relations with its employees but had experienced various ethical issues in recent years. The company violated various employees’ rights and labor laws and also the employees at Apple Inc. had to work for long working hours for which they were paid less than the required pay according to the duration of hours worked. Other than this, it was found that children below the age of 15 years were also employed by the company. Employees also had faced various injuries at the workplace such as injuries due to exposure to toxic chemicals and unhealthy working conditions. Thus, officials and management teams of Apple Inc. should enforce ethical practices in the company to avoid further lawsuits from the opposition parties.

Effectiveness of any company depends on the management practices adopted by its managers and leaders. To better manage the human resources at the workplace, the balance of best fit and best practices approaches has been adopted by the apple management team. Apple Inc. evaluates employees’ performance on the basis of two appraisal tools i.e. peer performance and 360-degree feedback. Management teams of the company had taken various measures to improve the employee’s performance and manage various employment issues.
Leaders of the company acted as the mentors and coaches to the workforce which further helped in encouraging teamwork culture. In spite of the various steps taken by the management to manage the ethical issues running in the organization, various factors beyond the control of the company acted as an obstacle in Human resource management. The political and social environment is negatively affecting the initiatives undertaken by the management experts. No overtime payments are made to the employees of Apple Inc. which reduces their morale and productivity. The senior managers of the company should update the payroll policies of employees to resolve the issues.

Apple Inc. best talents have enabled it to be the most valuable company in the world. However, the corporate culture of the company doesn’t provide much support to its employees. The management team of apple needs to align the organizational strategies and human resource strategies to promote the motivation level of employees and ensure long term success. Employees of the company should be involved in the decisions that may affect them. The management team and leaders can only control the internal factors of the company. Thus, they should ensure that the employees are treated in a fair manner by paying them needed wages for overtime. Along with this, steps must be taken to reduce workplace injuries and accidents. Apple needs to focus on various opportunities available and must focus on its strengths to overcome all the weaknesses in its operation.

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