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MNG82001 Assignment 1 (Part A) - Worksheet Marking Key

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1.  The title of a particular Journal article, its year of publication, issue number and web link(s) are provided below. Search the Library’s catalogue system to identify and fill-in the missing information.  (1 mark for providing all the required information)

Title: In this section, the title is selected which is mentioned at the top.
For example: The Applicability Of The Seci Model To Multi-Organisational Endeavours: An Integrative Review
Author: Author name is selected which is given mostly given below the title of the article.
For example: John L. Rice & Bridget S. Ric
Publication: It refers to the Journal name which is mentioned either at the top left corner of the article or at the bottom left/right of the article.

For example:  

Publication year: It is given along with the journal name which represents year in which the journal article was published.
Volume no, issue no, and pages: All this information is provided along with the journal name at the top right/left corner or bottom left corner.
Viewed: The information about the location of the article is provided in the URL of the website.

2. Limited details of a particular journal article are provided below. Search the Library’s Proquest database to identify and fill-in the missing information. (1 mark for providing all the required information)

Title: Title of the journal article is mentioned at the top of the article.
Authors: Name of the authors are mentioned just below the article name
Publication: Publication is the Journal name which is sometimes mentioned at bottom left corner of the journal article.
Year of publication: It is the year in which the journal article was published in the above mentioned publication.
Vol. This is volume number which is mentioned after journal name outside the bracket.
Issue no. This is issue number which is mentioned within brackets is along with the volume number.
Pages: This represents range of page numbers of journal article.

3. When writing an academic paper and drawing on content from another publication, the Library’s Harvard Referencing LibGuide shows that there are two distinct ways to paraphrase and cite the information.
Below is a short passage that comes from page 255 of the journal article from Task 2. Using this passage, give an example of the two citation/referencing methods. (1 mark).
Here you are provided with a paragraph which needs to be paraphrased two times with different citation and referencing method.

For example;

A communication plan is your road map for getting your message delivered to your audience. It’s an essential tool for ensuring your organization sends a clear, specific message with measurable results.

Paraphrasing example 1 with one citation method

(Akinnubi, 2015) describes a communication plan as a roadmap to deliver a message to audience. For sending a specific message with measurable result, it is an essential tool.

Paraphrasing example 2 with second citation method

Communication plan is a roadmap as well as an essential tool for delivering a specific method to the organization and depicting measurable results (Akinnubi, 2015).

4. Show how you would identify the article from question 2 in the Reference List of an academic paper. Ensure you follow the exact formatting style illustrated in the SCU Library’s Harvard Referencing LibGuide. Also ensure you identify the DOI number. (1 mark)

The article can be identified by different points which are provided below:
• Title of the article
• Author names which are provided after the title. There can be one, two, three, or more than three authors.
• Publication and publication name like journal of……… or any publication.
• Volume number and issue number sometimes provided as 34(3) in which 34 is volume number and 3 is issue number.
• You can also identify DOI.

5. Use the Library’s electronic database system to identify one Peer-Reviewed Journal article that you will cite in Asmt 1b and k Task 1 or 2 of this assignment. (1 mark)

Title: In this section, journal article is selected from Library’s electronic database system and should be a peer reviewed journal article. Here, mention the name of the article selected.
For example: Organisational Behaviour, Leadership and Change

Author(s): Here mention the author names in such manner that the last name should be written first and then the initials of the first name of the article.
For example: Simon P Taylor

Year of Publication: Here, need to mention the year of publication during which the journal was published.
For example: 2018

Volume number: It represents the volume number provided along with the journal name.
For example: 4

Issue Name: It is provided along with volume number. For example: 1
Page number: It is also provided after the volume number and issue number.
For example: 1-16


Viewed: This information is somewhat similar to URL but the difference is only of date mentioned before the URL.
For example: 15 March 2019, <>

Akinnubi, D. (2015). Effective Communication: A Tool for Improvement of Secondary School Managemen. Journal of Education and Practice Journal of Education and Practice, [online] 3(3). Available at: [Accessed 15 Mar. 2019].

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