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MNG00785 Assignment 1 Project Charter Office Move

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Case study overview

This case is about Insurance company located at suburban location. Now, the lease on the office has expired but the landlord told that it cannot be renewed. The company has only 2 months to vacate the premises. The CEO has asked to prepare a project proposal for identifying a new location in a nearby suburb. During the move, the budget should not be exceeded to $100,000. Branch Manager, The Administration Manager and the Manager of Communication and Information Technology (CIT) are main three stakeholders of the “Office Move” project.  

Developing a charter

While developing a project charter, the project team should focus on key charter elements such as scope overview, background, business case, success criteria, milestone schedule, risks, assumptions, constraints, stakeholder, team operating principles, lesson learned, signatures and commitment.

Charter decision making

The project charter decision matrix should be used to make decisions related to size, budget and complexity of the charter.
Project selection prioritization matrix
In this step, the project team needs to perform calculations in a trade-off matrix to examine whether the project can be selected or not. The project can be selected on the basis of potential monetary gain, success probability and social opinion.

Project scope

• According to the project team, the move will occur in 6 weeks.
• The project will be completed within estimated budget of $100,000.
• The CIT department will provide subject matter experts for telephone and computer move so that issues related to time delay cannot occur.

Milestone schedule and deliverables

Project milestones

1. Project planning completed
2. Charter signed off
3. New location identified
4. Resource packaging completed
5. Installation and configuration completed
6. Project closure

Project deliverables

1. SRS document
2. Project plan
3. Project proposal
4. Gantt chart

Initial risk identification


Project risks

Risk owner

Contingency plans

Cost overruns

Project manager

The project manager should accurately assign cost to each and every project activity to avoid the risk of cost overruns.

Team conflicts

All team members

The team leader should resolve team conflicts to achieve project goals.


Resources required

Funding - $100,000

People -

• Branch Manager who will act as Project Manager
• The administration manager
• The manager of Communications and Information Technology (CIT)
• Subject matter experts

Equipment –

• Packing material
• Vehicles

Initial stakeholder identification



Interest in project

Priority (high/medium/low)

The administration manager


To manage administrative business operations


landlord of new selected location


Monetary benefits


The manager of Communications and Information Technology


To provide subject experts for computer move.


Project Manager


To complete project within defined budget and cost.


Team operating principles

• All team members should be honest towards one another.
• They should follow the instructions of project manager.


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