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MNG00785 Assignment 2 Project Charter Office Move

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Case overview

The case is about an inherited old beachside cottage that needs great deal of repair to make it liveable. This was analysed after personally visiting the site and making required inspection. It’s a plan to use this house for vacations and as a rental property through Airbnb. Some of my colleagues expressed interest in renting it soon when the repair work will get finished. This is expected that within two years of property renting, enough money will be earned to repay the bank loan.  


WBS is considered as work breakdown structure of a task that will be done with the help of latest versioned MS-Project software. This will help in aligning different tasks of the project with corresponding resources. The milestones will also include in this structure to know about the present status of the [project. This will minimize the project complexity and hectic job responsibilities of all team members involved in this project.

RACI chart

This matrix will be used to analyse that whether the allocated roles and responsibilities to all team members are fair or not because the team members can only perform well in their area of interest. This is an acronym of Responsible, Accountable, Consulted and Informed.

Gantt chart

This chart will be based on developed WBS. This will provide a diagrammatic view of current status of the project. This will also help in assuring that none of the resource is overburdened during this project.


AoN refers as Activity-on-Node and is a precedence diagramming method that make use of boxes to donate differently scheduled activities. The main aim behind this diagrammatic representation is to show which activities must be completed for other activities of commencement.

Resource overloads

Resource overloading will be analysed by reviewing the WBS and Gantt chart. The main aim behind this analysis is to manage the work burden for all team members in positive aspect.


The project budget will be prepared with the help of online project management and budget management tool. With the help of this tool, the budget for each project activity will be defined so that it will be easy to analyse total expenses of this project.

Progress reporting (Timelines)

Timeline is the best way to cross check the project reporting. This will also help in analysing the actual time when the project will close.

Progress reporting (EVM)

Earned value analysis method will be used to measure the amount of work that actually completed till date along with the basic review of its time and cost. This will permit the project to be monitored & measured by the archived project progress rate.

Risk management

Risk management is considered as the process of risk identification, risk analysis and risk mitigation. Risk Assessment framework will help in overcoming all risk associated with effective project completion.

Change management

Here, it will be analysed that whether the determined change will be adopted by all stakeholders or not and if yes, then to what extent. This will help the team to get aligned with corresponding organizational change.

Stakeholder identification & communication

The project stakeholders will be identified who will give their contribution in this project and who will enjoy corresponding benefits of it. Moreover, their communication strategies will also discuss in this step with the help of a proper communication plan.

Project closure

At last, all project deliverables will be reviewed to accomplish project closure. The required feedbacks will also document in this project state to make further improvements in it.

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