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ITC-540 | Business Continuity in Liberty Wines | Information Technology

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ITC-540 | Business Continuity in Liberty Wines | Information Technology

Business continuity with virtualisation

Business risk faced by Liberty wines

The organisation named as “Liberty Wines” sell home made wines gathered from farmers located in the small region and sells the wines online to the consumer who lives in the world. Liberty wines can expand their business from the quality of home made wines gathered from the farmers. The organisation has considered extending their IT infrastructure of the organisation. As over estimation is made by the organisation related to the infrastructural capacity to manage the traffic. This results in losing a different customer of Liberty Wines. The complete IT infrastructure becomes slow as it becomes impossible for staff to perform their duties. It results in decreasing the service quality being delivered to the consumers. This further result in loss of different customer thereby leads to revenue loss.

Impact of IT infrastructure on competitive advantage

Due to slow IT infrastructure, the customers are compelled to shift to another framework to order wines because they cannot place an order for wines through their website. The consumers who placed an order for wine were unable to get a response to certain queries associated with the orders.  This slow IT infrastructure encourages Liberty Wine competitors to grow at the rate of the business of liberty wines. This leads to losing the competitive edge of liberty wines resulting in considerable loss of amount.

Advantages of server utilisation

The slow IT infrastructure is updated by Liberty Wines by deploying a technology which encourages usage of virtual servers that are grounded in the cloud. Usage of virtual server increase the response time of organisational IT infrastructure and enable Liberty wines to decrease the range of servers which are needed to perform business operations of the organisation.

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