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Part A: Bad News Letter
In the assessment, a scenario has been given about an organization that is holding three days’ international conference at one of the local hotels. This conference was included around 200 people which included participants such as professors from universities, research scholars in Canada and other countries, local colleagues who attended the conference and also participated in the proceedings as well. During these three days of the conference, many issues were faced by the participants. Mainly, the necessary equipment required in conference was missing, few of them were not working as well. Not only this but the lunch on second day was made late by the management of hotel, also, coffee and tea in the morning were cold at the very first morning.
Moreover, the staff of the hotel spoke very rudely with the guests of conference. In the scenario, it has been shown that this situation is being discussed with supervisor of organization and colleagues as well, who recommended to not pay full fee to the hotel. In aspect of it, this task is to write a responsive letter to manager of the local hotel in order to explain that why organization is not paying full money and what future steps they can take.
While writing the letter, it is suggested to write goals, audience need and barrier of this letter. In goals section, it will cover the aim of writing this letter. It will cover the aim of writing the letter to manager of hotel in order to complain about poor management during three-day conference which held and why the organization has decided not to pay full money. In the audience need section, the audience of this letter will be described. Senior manager is the prime audience of this letter and the need of audience has not been fulfilled by the hotel. This letter aims at understanding the basic need of audience from the management of local hotel. Further, in the barriers section, the hurdles of this communication will be covered. This section will cover the reasons behind this communication gap.
In order to write a letter, it is important to write subject in the letter. This subject must be about issues in association with three-day conference that held in local hotel. In this letter, it should start with the greetings and manager must be familiarized about the event of which writer is talking about. The writer should share the deep details of all of the problems which participants and guests of conference faced during the three-day event. Also, the letter must include a bad experience which people had, especially, rude behavior of hotel ‘s staff which was really awkward. Also, in aspect of future suggestions, the letter must include improvement suggestions for the event management staff which it should focus next time. Also, the letter must make the manager realize about the genuine reasons of why organization has decided to not pay the full money to event management team.

Part B: Memo
In this part of assessment, another scenario has been given which is about Tourism Kamloops. It has been noticed that the marketing strategy of Kamloops is not effective as the destination is heavily focused on travelers that are associated with sports and sporting events. But this marketing strategy is not effective as it does not match with interests of target audience. The visitors of this place are under 50 who often bring family. Such target group is environment conscious which is interested in local organics food, health and conservation. In comparison to it, the marketing material is focused on local restaurants and bars, city’s conference centers and evening activities. Instead of it, the marketing strategy should cover local farms and markets, cultural and historical activities and outdoor trails.
In this assessment, a memo will be composed for manager in order to request him about changes which are needed to be made in proposed marketing plan so as to make it effective. In this memo, manager will be motivated to change the plan as with time, the interests of younger people change and they see different side of Kamloops which is no more just a highway filled of hotels and conference centers.
While writing the memo, it will cover goal, audience need and barriers for writing this memo. Mainly, the goal will cover the need of modifying the marketing strategy of company. It will also cover the background, explaining scenario of Kamloops in brief. Further, the memo will include purpose of memo and problems with current marketing strategy. At the end, it will include the recommendations given to manager in order to make proposed marketing plan more effective.

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