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ITC563 | Business Operations of Courier Company | Information Technology

The role of courier companies in the society is increasing day by day. The emergence of E commerce is one of the main reasons for the increase in the number of courier companies in the last few years. Most of the E commerce websites use various services provided by courier companies to provide send their products to their consumers. The courier companies ship products to their customers all over the world. Courier companies provide a variety of different services to their clients. The main business operations of a courier company are

Standard Courier services

This is one of the most common types of service provided by the courier companies to their customers. Most of the orders that are shipped using this service are small in size. The courier companies charge according to the weight of the package and other specifications of the package that is being shipped by the client. Courier companies only deliver small and medium sized parcels in this service and the weight of the package is limited to less than 50 kg. This is one of the cheapest services provided by courier companies, and most of the revenue generated by courier companies is from this service.

International courier services

Some courier companies also provide International courier services to their customers. Customers can send a package to various countries around the world using this service. The courier companies either have an established base of operations in these companies, or they have contracts with other courier companies to ensure that the package is delivered to the destination. There are various limitations related to International courier services because each country has specific regulations about which types of cargo can enter the company and which type of cargo is not allowed. The courier companies have to follow these regulations which limit the type of cargo that can be shipped using International courier services.

Express courier services

The express courier service allows customers to ship urgent delivers from one place to another. Courier companies using this service usually ships the important documents. The packages from E commerce companies are also shipped using the express courier service to the end users. The pickup time or the package is carefully coordinated between the sender and the courier company to ensure that the package is delivered to the package is delivered to the customers on time. This type of service is the most expensive service provided by the courier companies because of the tight schedule to deliver the products. A lot of resources are consumed in the process of shipping these products to the end users; so the courier companies only provide this type of delivery in few places like tier 1 or tier 2 cities.

Pallet shipping services

Pallets are used to protect the cargo in this type of shipping. The pallet protects the cargo from environmental damage from humidity and other atmospheric conditions to ensure that the product is safely delivered to the customer. This type of shipping is usually used to ship very fragile products to the end users. The load in the Pallet shipping services is bigger as compared to standard shipping service. The use of pallets increases the cost of shipping in the Pallet shipping services.

Overnight shipping services

Overnight shipping services are almost same as the express courier service. This service is also used by courier companies to deliver important documents or other important cargo on the following morning to the clients. The last minute requests are usually fulfilled using the Overnight shipping services. There are a limited number of routes for which the courier companies provide the Overnight shipping services. The courier companies usually only provide Overnight shipping services in a particular area, but some courier companies provide international Overnight shipping services to their customers.

Warehousing services

In this type of service, the courier companies provide a warehouse where their customers can store their goods. The customers have to pay the rent for the place according to the number of days the cargo is stored in the warehouse. This service is usually provided by courier companies to large industries so that they can store their products for few days before they are shipped to another company. The courier companies can also provide pickup and shipping facility of the cargo stored in their warehouse at a discounted price to their customers.

Extra insurance shipping options

Multinational courier companies usually provide this type of shipping service to their clients. Each shipment has a basic insurance clause attached to it where the courier companies will pay the customers for any damages to the cargo during the shipment process. The multinational courier companies collaborate with insurance companies to provide Extra insurance shipping options. In some cases, the customer can pay an extra premium for the shipping to increase the insurance cover for the cargo that is being transferred by the multinational courier companies.

Drop-off shipping locations

This type of service is usually provided by courier companies to customers in urban areas. The customers usually work in the city and do not have time to be at home at the time of pickup or delivery. In these cases, the customers can collect their package directly from a facility of the courier companies. The customers can also drop off the products to be shipped to these facilities according to their convenience.

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