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Case study analysis and evaluation

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This report is about a system that can be used by the customers to purchase hair products. By using hair product purchasing system, customers can easily order different types of hair products like styling products, conditioners, shampoo etc. online from anywhere. At the time of appointment, they can easily pick up and pay for their ordered products.

Analysis of business operation

By analyzing the given case scenario, it has been observed that overall profitability of the company can be improved with the development of online system that will allow end users to buy hair products. Through web based system, customers can easily pre-book their appointments for different services such as blow wave, re-style and trimming. They will be able to enter time and date of the appointment in the website.

After successful pre-booking of hair services, customers will have to choose suitable payment mode as per their convenience. They can use payment gateway, PayPal or credit card modes to pay for ordered items and hair services. The booking will be cancelled if, customers could not pay for the services 24 prior to their scheduled appointment.

The management of the company has been decided to provide 10% discount services to their valuable regular customers to attract them towards their services. This strategy will help the organization to achieve business goals and objectives.

Recommendations to improve business processes

It has been recommended to the senior management of the hair service company that design of the website should be developed on the basis of web design principles. To enhance user experience, a suitable color combination scheme should be selected by the senior management. In order to attract customers towards unique hair services and products, it has been recommended to the software development team of the website to include attractive images in the website design. They should choose right images for developing a website. The website goals and objectives can be achieved by including graphics, videos and infographics in the website design.

Navigation is another aspect that should be considered by the software development team. The website design should be simple so that end users will not face any problem while performing desirable actions with the use of developed website. Logical page hierarchy can be used by the software development team for effective navigation. Along with this, grid based layouts can be used by the software development team members to provide information about hair services and products with the use of limited information or text.

There is a need to develop web based and mobile based version of the proposed system as it will be beneficial for both customers and the company. Most of the people are using mobile phones to shop products. By developing a mobile version of the proposed system, more number of people will avail services or buy hair products through mobile phones.

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