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Case Study: Below Zero-Ice Cream Store

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: Below Zero-Ice Cream Store

The local ice cream store requires an innovative ordering system in order to improve customer service by reforming the traditional ordering process. By analyzing the traditional ordering system, the manager of the store has found out that several orders are not correct and improper prices are entered by the staff. Thus, to manage the entire process of ordering, the managers want an innovative information system which can prevent these types of errors to ensure correct prices are charged. Presently, the customer chooses what to put the ice cream in such as, cone, waffle, plain cone or a cup. The flavors and quantity of scoops are also selected by the customer. Currently, there are eight flavors to choose from. Further, the management of the ice cream store decided to have an information system that must be developed to manage entire ordering process. The information system must have a functionality, where the staff will enter the order at the stations, where the price gets automatically calculated and the customer pays. Further, the order is directed to the staff at the counters who complete the order and deliver it to the customer. In order to develop the information system, Below Zero have asked to analyze the trends in the sales of ice cream in five neighboring regions. It will provide weekly sales data of 45 stores over 3 years from 2010 to 2012.

This case study is formulated to develop an information system for the local ice cream store, which can effectively manage all the ordering process. The learning outcomes of the project will provide knowledge about how to write a program that generates proper and useful output. For the data analysis challenge, relevant python programming concepts will be applied in this project. The data from real sources will be read and wrangled into the requirement of ice cream store. If any problem occurs in the analysis process, the creative approaches will be developed. In the first section of the case study, a Python script will be designed for the ice cream ordering system. The developed system must be able to store the prices of the individual items such as toppings, cones and scoop flavors. The developed system must be able to perform some major operations such as, at the beginning, the system should ask for the name of customers to personalize the order. It should also track the order and then get the quantity of ice cream. For each ice cream, the scoop flavor, scoop amount, cone type, type and number of toppings should be taken from the customer. At the end, the program must display the order with the total price. The program should be able to handle invalid entries such as invalid number of toppings, or improper cone type. The case study also provides a strict guideline that one must not use in standard Python data structures in order to store the prices of each individual item; the Python “input message” functions must be used to read each input value from the customer.

The case study concludes by developing and analysis report of the source weekly sales data for the 45 stores over 3 years from 2010 to 2012. Further, generated report will be used to develop an information system to manage entire ordering process. The issues faced by the traditional methods of order processing of the local ice cream store are improper prices and improper quantity are being served to the customer. Thus, the management of local ice cream store decided to develop an information system with the help of Python scripting, which can fulfil all the requirements of the local ice cream store and improve the customer experience as well. 

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