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Case Study: CQ Strata Management Organization Database Management

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: CQ Strata Management Organization Database Management

This case study is about CQ Strata Management which is a successful business organization. The aim of CQ Strata Management organization is to manage Strata related activities. Different Strata related activities are regulating maintenance and management of common property and buildings. It is an organization dealing with Strata scheme that was enacted for providing legal framework for maintenance and management of buildings and common property. Each of buildings established by CQ Management organization contain many units and each unit is owned and maintained by group of individuals or companies. CQSM organization generates Strata levy notice at the beginning of each quarter in a year. It is mandatory to sign Strata levy notice for all individuals who are interested in buying properties of CQSM organization. As in this case study, the main entities that are involved in CQ Strata Management organization are identified.

CQ Strata Management organization wants to manage all Strata related activities with the use of Microsoft Access database.  Organization wants to explore their business by maintaining Strata related activities. In this case study, main entities and attributes of organization are discussed in brief. Along with that, with the help of ER diagram, the relationship between entities are determined. Some entities of CQ Strata Management organization are Joint Management Body (JMB), Management Corporation (MC), President etc. where attributes hold detailed information about the entities. ER diagram will be helpful in establishing relationship between identifies entities of CQ Strata Management organization.  Joint Management body (JBM) is the main body of the organization because it is responsible for maintenance and management of building during interim period. President of CQ Strata Management organization is responsible for resolving disputes between clients, receiving complaints from property owner and JMB, appoint managing agent to handle all the duties of MC and JBM. Where Management corporation (MC) of organization will establish an opening of Strata register in order to manage affairs and building related issues. As per given in the case study, group of individuals and companies which are interested in properties need to sign Strata levy notice. Strata levy notice is a legal notice that is paid and signed by all Strata unit owners. There are various problems that arise if an individual will not sign Strata levy notice due to which organization suffers from great loss. After determination of relationship between entities, organization will create logical design in order to map entity relationship model into relations. As per the case study, the entities that have to be considered in this Strata Management project are joint Management body, Management corporation, and president of organization. Further, the attributes of joint Management body are staffID, staffName, ContactNumber, Email, State, Role. After creation of logical design of Strata Management, organization then design the physical design. Physical design is a design in which entities are transformed into tables and attributes act as column names. All the entities and attributes are represented in tabular format in physical designing. After creation of logical and physical design, organization implement database. Database is an integrated computer structure that store collection of information efficiently. Organization wants to use Microsoft access database for the Management of organizational information. Microsoft Access is a database that is easy to understand as compared to client-server database. Moreover, Microsoft access provides readable templates that facilitates organization in decision making process.  With the use of database, CQ Strata Management store all the information regarding joint Management body, Management corporation and president. It facilitates organization by providing facilities such as data sharing, data confidentiality, and security, data integration, data consistency, data access. Moreover, with the use of database management system organization can enhance their productivity. Along with data, database management system also helps CQ Strata Management organization in decision making due to which the reputational value of organization will increase in the completive market.

It is concluded that organization can manage its Strata related activities with the use of database management system. In this case, the main entities and attributes are determined that help them during the creation of logical structure of organizational staff. After creation of logical structure, organization will create physical structure in which entities and attributes are transformed into tables and relationship between the tables are determined and established in Microsoft access database.  The tables are interlinked with each other by applying referential integrity constraint. The properties of all the attributes are identified and selection during the formation of physical structure. In this case study, entities, attributes, relation between them, ER model, logical design, physical design, and Microsoft Access database are discussed in brief. With the help of this project, the company can improve its performance.

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