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Case Study: Eat Organic Food

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Eat Organic Food is an organization that produces food that is organically certified. It was established by using lan’s backyard which made use of neighbors’ unused land. The business of this organization has been expanded in recent years which has made return of Ian to his family property that was earlier been used as dairy farm. After returning Ian has made use of this land for the purpose of growing vegetables. He did not make this transformation by himself rather he employed farmers for several years so as to do transformation in this land. As business has expanded so much that now it has become difficult for Ian to keep record of range and volume of product produced in farm and number of customers making use of products. An information system can be used by Ian so as to handle increasing complexity in business.


The Early Days – Growing up on the Farm

Ian was born in family in which all his ancestors were involved in this business of dairy farming and but he was passionate for farming and growing his own food. There was difference in Ian’s passion and his family point of view as he wants to grow vegetables rather than getting involved in business of dairy farming. According to his passion in farming Ian grew organic vegetables without any use of pesticides and fertilizers. He practiced planting in such a way that he protects crops from being infected by insects and he used to grow crops in cycle so that he can maintain health of soil. Ian had some cows that helps in maintaining fertility of soil and he need to acquire chickens to provide more manure to soil.

Top Dollar

Ian used to work as a mechanic and due to his keen interest in field of farming he gave up his occupation of being a mechanic. After changing his occupation and coming into field of farming Ian committed himself for growing and selling vegetables. People used to pay him top dollar as he provided them with high quality of food that is always grown organically. He did not sell his vegetables in local market as his customers need to come to him and place their order a day before and that too by calling.

The Produce Pick Up

Customers who prevailed services by Ian need to come to his farm for pickup of their order. This process of pick up went well in early days as his farm was small. After certain time this process got escalated as then Ian was successful in having hand assist in his farming business due to which he was planning to provide facility of home delivery.

The Farm Hand

After some time, Ian got married to Ruth and she came out to be fully supportive to Ian for his business and she planned that they must provide services to even people of other locations. She knew that business practices done by Ian need to be documented so as to enable standardization and altered so that it is efficient to both farm and customers. They both agreed to handle different aspects in business in which Ian will look after production and harvesting aspect and Ruth will look after aspects of orders, dealing with customers, payments and order pick-ups. As Ruth was skilled enough in customer services and relation due to her previous work in finance and accounting. She was then keen to acquire Information System to handle various processes such as customers base, orders and their bills.

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