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Case Study: Headspace Information System (NewAccess Program)

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: Headspace Information System (NewAccess Program)

This case study is about Headspace organization which is located in Australia. The aim of Headspace organization is to improve mental health of young people that are lying in the age group of 12- 25 year. Australian government department of health (DoH) allocated $54 million budget to Headspace organization in order to establish Youth Mental Health Foundation in Australia. In this case study, the main objective of Headspace organization is to trail and test NewAccess program.  NewAcess is a program which is designed to provide quality service to people who are suffering from depression and anxiety. The coaches of NewAccess program are experienced and trained. In this program, Six Free sessions are conducted and after getting Six session people have to pay in order to join NewAccess program.

Health-care Information System is proposed in this case study that will be helpful for Headspace organization in providing quality of health care services to young people. Information system is a system that meticulously maintains information about depressed youngsters. Even though with the use of information system, Headspace organization can keep information of their patients confidential. Information system will maintain, update, and secure all patients’ healthcare information. The health professionals of Headspace organization will plan information system for delivery of healthcare services. Information system electrically manages medical records of the patients and helps to make decisions about patient care. Headspace organization wants information system in which it will integrate data collected through NewAccess program. This health care program provides healthcare services to those people who are suffering from unhappiness, anger, unable to sleep and concentrate problems. By trialing NewAccess program, Headspace organization will come across functional and non-functional requirements that are required for the development of system. As functional requirement included proposed information system are patients will able to search appointment lists for treatment, the information of system will get updated each day so that no discrepancy regarding health issues can be made, health-care professionals of Headspace university will able to access information system, platform for patients through which patients can become member of Headspace organization. Moreover, non-functional requirements for information system defines the features and constraints of the system. With the use of information system, Headspace organization will able to provide quality of services to their patients. Along with that, information system also manages all the information regarding patients, diseases, appointments, organizational health care professionals etc. It also provides holistic view of patients and organization. Information system is vulnerable to cyber threats. Thus, security is the main issue associated with this system. Hacking is the major cyber-threat associated with information systems. This information system manages the records of patients. Thus, to maintain the confidentiality of information in such kind of systems will be a mandatory factor. If hacker can alter, delete data from information system, it will create risk to patient’s treatment. To avoid hacking threat, information system should be implemented with security policies and standards.  Information system can even get damaged due to natural disasters and uncertainties that may arise risk of data loss. To mitigate data loss issue, Headspace organization must use backup and recovery plan in information system so that confidential information regarding patients will be highly secured. With the use of information system, psychological distress of Headspace clients will be decreased significantly. In this case study, all the benefits and capabilities of proposed information system are discussed. Further, the problems are also discussed as information system might be accessed by intruder using various types of hacking mechanism.

It is concluded that young people experienced no change in their psychological distress level due to poor quality of services provided by Headspace organization. Thus, to overcome issues that arise during manual functioning can be mitigated with the use of information system. It provides a platform to patients and Headspace organization through which patients and healthcare professionals will interact with each other. In summary, it is concluded that with the use of information system level of psychological distress will be reduced significantly. With the support of information system, Headspace can provide quality of health care service to young people due to which mental health of distressed people will get improved from a range of positive economic and social results. Through information system, health issues among Headspace patients will get improved clinically. Headspace organization conduct highly accessible program that serves wide range of vulnerable young patients who are suffering from health-related issues such as stress, family problems, health concerns, loneliness unhappiness, anger, financial worries etc.

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