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Case study: Modelling Granite Sales Company | ITC 556

Home Assignment Answers Case study: Modelling Granite Sales Company | ITC 556

Granite Sales Company is responsible for keeping the information of employees and the departments they work in. At present the management of the organization is making use of excel sheets to store the information of all the employees, due to which many problems are being faced by the administration staff Granite Sales. In order to mitigate all the complexities, the management of Granite Sakes has decided to design a database which will help in eliminating of all the complexities which are being faced.

The entity relationship diagram which will be designed for the database will consist of various entities such as departments, employees. The employee table which will be included in ER diagram consist of various attributes such as employeeID, employee_name, employee_address and the department entity will consist of various attributes such as departmentID, department_namem internal mail box number and office phone extension. The employees associated with the particular organization are assigned with employee number.

Employees are categorized into three categories which are as salaried employees, hourly employees, or contract employees. All the salaried person are salespeople which can earn a commission in addition to the base of their salary which are being provided. By the help of ERD (using a specialization hierarchy) the database for Granite Sales organization can easily be designed as per the requirements which are required and will help in storing the information of employees in an efficient manner.

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