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Case Study: News Article

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In this case study, a proper ethics program is implemented that addresses the issues reported in the nominated news article. The nominated new article is about leakage of coal seam gas which leads to many disastrous effects in society. Origin Energy is an organization that deals with environment, energy, pollution-related issues. From the news article, it is concluded that Origin also failed in measuring the amount of coal gas it was producing from the last 10 years. The whistleblower informs Queensland government about the ignorance activity that was made by Origin. Sally McDow is a former senior manager of compliance at Origin, made an allegation against whistleblower legislation. Some of other allegations are also reported by News Corp Australia. The allegations made by News Corp Australia and Sally McDow who is a former senior manager of compliance at Origin bring huge change in Origins compliance.

In this news article, Sally McDow outlines number of incidents that held in Origin. She states that Origin allegedly failed to move in accordance with legal requirements. Along with that, Origin also failed to report incidents in official internal systems. The allegations also claim that Origin also failed to maintain coal seam gas wells across New Zealand and Australia. It is also investigated that one offshore gas well is leaked in New Zealand water bodies but was not inspected and has not been maintained yet. McDow attends several meetings that are conducted on the topic of multiple serious issues due to leakage of coal gas and offshore gas. She had listed various issues or problems that arose due to the negligence of management i.e. contamination of water bodies and aquifers, leaking of oil and gas, and spilling of radioactive material in water bodies and environments. In this news article, she also describes cultural practices of bullying. According to her, the staff of Origin sometimes screamed or yelled at their low authorities, along with that she also describes that high authority physically intimidated staff when they try to attempt to prepare report regarding serious incidents that happened due to the leakage of oil tanks. She also stated that several staff members of the organization were bullied, abused and harassed by higher authorities because they were not following the guidelines of the company. General Manager of Origin has told McDow that about the Deliberate Policy but they were not moving in accordance with the policy which is about mandatory legislative and regulatory obligation. General manager also stated high expense of using the policy as the reason of not using it. According to McDow, Origin was not overcoming the significant gaps in monitoring equipment’s used for marinating the gas well.  She stated that due to the negligence of high authority of Origin several issues such as contamination of water bodies, leaking of oil and gas, and spilling of radioactive material in water bodies and environments. Due to the negligence and lack of monitoring by Origin about tens of millions of dollars of revenue was not received by Queensland government. McDow also stated in the nominated article that the leakage of coal gases caused multiple health-related issues and deaths.  Thus, according to her, leakage of gases is a systemic issue, ignored by the management of audits over about 10 years.  Mc Dow also describes conversation with colleague who informs her that king did not want incidents held due to negligence of management to be addressed out and reported.  She also describes that if management notified and reported issues due to leakage of coal gas then regulators may be forced by political pressure to close APLNG project.  She tries to overcome the issues that had been caused due to the leakage of coal gas. Her concerns in the article are health-related problems and deaths caused due to negligence of management.

It is concluded from the article that proper ethics program is not implemented and designed in Australia and New Zealand that addresses issues related to the leakage of coal gas wells. It is mandated to apply an ethical decision-making approach to achieve better and desirable outcomes. As mentioned in news article, the staff members are working under the pressure of high authorities and this is the reason why issues related to leakage of coal seam gas wells are not addressed and reported. thus, at last, it is concluded that Australian government must have to take a step ahead to manage and maintain coal gas wells, so that issues such as contamination of water bodies and aquifers, leaking of oil and gas, and spilling of radioactive material in water bodies and environments will not happen in future.

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