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Case Study: No Name Aircraft

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: No Name Aircraft

CEO Adam O Meara of “No Name” Aircraft has increasingly concerned about overall enterprises profits.  He was worried about the company’s takeover. Suddenly Adam realizes that he needs to increase his stakeholders, return on Investment and achieve a higher level of share base or price. Then this international firm may be stepped at a risk end and this means his job will be in risk or stake. Hence ‘No Name’ word executes out of Australia which has three subsidiaries in three different countries named as China, Singapore, and Vietnam. No name is an aircraft manufacturer company whose major aim is to sell his aircraft to several countries all around the globe. Numerous spare parts of aircraft are assembled in China and Vietnam. But most of the design engineers operate out of Singapore.  Aircraft are developed in two major countries such as Australia and Singapore.  Following sections of case study explains all about ‘No Name aircraft’.


The teams of No Name (Australian) are not working properly and the communication between integrated teams and management is not too much good which may lead to miscommunication or communication breakdown of teams. The working culture/environment of No Name is considered as negative and the employees have adopted only a single mantra ‘near enough is good enough’. This type of behavior or culture leads to a communication breakdown between teams and the management staff. One home country team has verified quality as a major problem at ‘No Name’.  This lack of quality problem may lead to poor customer satisfaction. Customers, and the government both are complaining about this lack of quality problem but no action would be taken. The teams work to specifications for their areas and then working relationship is suffering. The CEO Adam is worried about the communication breakdown between team members and the management crew of No Name aircraft.  Staff members often complaining about not receiving effective instructions.

Diversity management

Diversity management at No Name follows a simple policy. On the other hand, there are many issues regarding embracing the rich value of working with diverse people. Diversity management in an organization may lead to major issues like intolerance towards working with different employees. Moreover, the lack of recruiting people with disabilities in China.   

International performance management

There are several performances related issues across No Name company. International performance management is connected strongly with the international performance appraisals but both are lacking at No Name. Lack of performance management leads to the absence of performance appraisals. But there is no adequate policy that outlines performance management and there are unclear measures at No Name.

Training and development

Training and development should be concerned with each aspect of the organizational activities. Expatriate training is conducted for those migrating from Australia to China and Vietnam due to their work.  There is no feedback panel for the employees to comment on their suggestions or feedbacks regarding training. Many issues are outlined such as poor and improper workforce planning and management at No Name.  Thus, management development programs within an organization work to identify and potential managers and increase their skills set and knowledge inventory via career development plans to meet organizational requirements. This ensures a clear plan for all major management roles and achieves better results. Senior management does not develop some crucial skills in junior employees to take over their roles and responsibilities.

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