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Case Study: OZ Dispatch Network Design

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: OZ Dispatch Network Design

The scenario is all about OZ dispatch which is one of the prominent firms of Australia which offers home delivery services. It’s headquarter is located in New South Wales, Australia. However, the company wants to design a network design for its offices in NSW. Company has signed a legal contract document for the overall network design for the betterment of their services. The newly developed design will be very beneficial for effective outcomes. Moreover, it has a broad customer base and it provides crucial services to their customers so that they can perform their tasks adequately. Company has its office i.e. Parramatta in which following personnel perform their duties and responsibilities:

  • A managing director who is the owner of the company.
  • A data analyst will be analyzing large scale data such as sales data and customer data of the company and produce adequate results.
  • A sales and marketing executive
  • An accountant, who handles all the accounts of the company.

In order to design effective servers, a top-down design methodology is used. The proposed design will be very useful for the customers as well as office staff of the Parramatta office for better services.

Overall working of the Company’s Server system

By using their servers, customers should be able to place their orders that mainly consists of two or more items and then customers pay their payments either by their own phone and web interface of the company. After customers place their orders, the overall orders are then collected by the system and placed with the supply companies. The delivery staff management of the company gather the ordered items from the suppliers and bring them to the distribution centers of the company. After that the orders of a customers are ready to dispatch and the request of the ordered items are prompted by the system. Thus, the delivery team of the company selects ordered items of the Customers and deliver it them in a better way.

Thus, the Parramatta branch has limited staff members except for delivery staff and manager. In order to gain access of the servers, staff members should have a smartphone or other computing device that consists of valuable applications. The distribution center should be equipped with an adequate Internet connection. The entire server systems are deployed in the Parramatta office for the better management and execution of their services. To ensure data confidentiality, the server should be of highly secure and flexible. The simple definition of network design is the planning of the implementation of computer architecture. It is generally performed by IT engineers for the betterment of the design layout. In this given scenario, OZ dispatch also uses the same network approach.

In this case study, we will focus on the dispatch company which is one of the main company in Australia. the company requires adequate servers for better data storage and service management. The case study also defines the overall working of the company’s servers for better service execution and data management. Several benefits and downfalls are outlined. Students in Australia are assigned with these kind of assignments. In order to complete these assignments, students seek for networking assignment help.

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