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Case Study: St. Andrews University

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Project Scope

Since the administration of the St Andrews University was struggling to find out way to develop the system that would aim at keeping a track so that the students who are unable to clear the previous unit will not be allowed to move ahead to the following units, it contacted the ABC consulting to come out to a solution. They decided to work on an online information system. An online information system refers to the system that has all the data incorporated within it, which in its execution would be processed and would bring out the necessary information and knowledge of the same.

Considering this case, in the information system, the data of all the students who have appeared for the units and have cleared or not cleared is stored in it. This will further be used see the number of students who are failing the previous units as they won’t be allowed to access the proceeding units. An online information system is actually a software that will help in managing and analyzing the data.

Discussing the scope of the project. The scope of the information system is on increase with the new association between the information system and the particular organization that is working with it (St. Andrews University).

Functions System Should Implement

In any information system, there are different functions that must be implemented. But some of the common ones and the ones necessary in this particular case are listed below.

1. Input

There are usually two types of inputs in the information systems. With the first input, the output is produced with the brief input of the data that is incorporate and processed. In another case, the specification of the type of analysis is done needs to be specified by the user.

2. Storage

In this project, all the data related to the students who are enrolled in the course, and the ones who are going to appear in the later units of the semesters, and who have failed or passed the units, is incorporated in the system and further the system functions in the same manner.  

3. Processing

So, when the students will try to get themselves enrolled in the new units but have failed to clear the previous ones will not be allowed to do so with the involvement of the new information system that the university has planned to design.

4. Output

The output can be in the two different forms, depending upon the needs of the organization (St. Andrews University).

• The information system is capable of providing the graphical output that is mostly in the form of diagrams, charts, graphs, etc.
• Another form of output is textual that simply displays the number or the text as the output.

Risk Undertaken at the Time of Project Development

While working on the project, the following list of risks is natural to arise.

In any information system, there are chances for the technology shortfalls that may result in losses. Thus, there are high chances for project failures, operational issues, and information security incidents.  

1. Architecture Risk

In the IT sector, there are high chances that the architecture fails to support the projects.

2. Budget Risk

Risk of the budget is another major risk that is faced by the organization at the time of development of the information system. There is potential for the organization going either under budget or over budget. However, in case of the under budget situation, the company is said to be on the positive side.

3. Capacity

Since the university is planning to develop the project, there is high potential for the capacity mismanagement in the systems. The networks may become overloaded that may lead to inaccuracies and inefficiencies.

4. Data Loss

At the time of planning the information system, the biggest issue that the organization might face is the loss of the data of the students that have been incorporated to bring out the right output and functioning.

Steps to Mitigate the Risks

To mitigate the information system risks of the project development, it is highly important for the organization (St. Andrews University) to plan and work on the steps accordingly.

• To protect the project from the budget risk, it is important for the organization to properly plan the budget after considering the help and guidance of the expert group.
• Coming to safeguard the data of the organization, strong passwords need to be set up in case of data breaching.
• Whereas to protect the infrastructure and systems, strong and reliable antivirus and firewalls must be used.
• To avoid any kind of shortage or mismanagement in the capacity, proper data backups and remote storage methods must be kept as the alternate.

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