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Case Study: Uber

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This case study is all about Uber which is one of the prominent firms in today’s world. Every day, almost 3-4 million of Uber drivers spend over 8.5 million hours by logged into the company’s ride-hailing application. Due to this excellent scale, Uber becomes the most important test case for the gig economy and for the arrangement of the new economy where workers on a contract basis are efficiently arranged into a cohesive labor force by software.  In this competitive world, there are several companies that harm their working criteria of Uber by sharing their controversial approach. But 3 million people have used the services of Uber to make money in a better way.  the question often arises in mind that has an application’s design is so important to the people.

The Uber’s application which is specially designed for the convenience of drivers and equally important for the selected city on which they are driving.  Every decision regarding its interface structure is related to the driver’s interactions with the company along with the transportation marketplace.  In the end, Uber is now putting their final efforts on the development of the driver’s application. In addition to this, the new build of the application typically consists of some technical aspects of the rider’s application, which was launched last year. However, developing some relevant aspects for the drivers is different.  A rider who is registered under Uber requires an effective application that is faster, secure and simple in nature and enhances the driver’s experience.

An interview with the CEO of Uber, Dara Khosrowshahi, said that the latest version of this application will be launched in a few weeks.  Also, the developed application will be very advantageous for Uber drivers in order to provide detailed information and ideas about the application.  Drivers have lived every single day with our tools, and the experience on the road is unique.

The product manager for driver experience Yuhki Yamashita and the engineering lead, Haider Sabri, presented a new design process that brings the “builders” closer to the drivers who will use this software. It is one of the key tasks that Uber can do.  Members of the application development team interact with hundreds of drivers in LA, Cairo and Bangalore, India, London, Melbourne, Australia, and Jakarta. By using this application, users i.e. drivers can send their messages to the individual researchers and do rides with members of the Uber team using this new application. In order to take overall information into one or more reports, they create a G+ private community so that users as well as engineers to see their feedback immediately. Drivers recorded some vlogs reviewing this application. Therefore, the result of the research is a newly developed application is to understand the proper functioning of the system.

Moreover, the new application will provide several advantages as it follows a directive approach to make better suggestions to drivers about what to do and where to go. It provides better results to their users.  Meanwhile, Uber’s new moto has been introduced i.e. “Building together”. The company held their first of its kind forum with the drivers and provide better outcomes.

The major reason that Uber might take it serious for providing better services to their drivers.  Keeping drivers on the platform is one of the main expense. Thus, a rider hailing market is a two-sided business in which major companies such as Uber and Lyft have competed for enhancing user’s experience and provide services to both drivers as well as riders. There are two ways that demonstrate Uber’s profitability.

One way is to subsiding the cost and providing better services to the riders via charging less payment.

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