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Case Study: Victorian Institute of Technology (vit) – Library Management

Home Assignment Answers Case Study: Victorian Institute of Technology (vit) – Library Management

This case study is about Victorian Institute of technology which is located in Melbourne, Australia. VIT aims to provide an opportunity and platform to students by providing smart education for their brighter future. VIT provide excellent services and resources such as books across Australia. VIT resource centre includes a library that allows students to access books and full-text- journals.  VIT library has a collection of print books, full-text-journals particularly in the domain of Business Management, IT (Information Technology), general English, Engineering, Architecture and quantity surveying that help the students in achieving success. All the activities of the library are maintained manually in VIT. The library of VIT is connected to Melbourne CBD, Abbotsford and Sydney campuses. The library that is situated in Melbourne campus acts as the main resource center. Through, main resource center which is located in Melbourne center all library development activities are coordinated. The schedule for the opening and closing of VIT libraries including weekends from is from 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM.

VIT uses manual processes to record activities of library, due to which the university cannot manage library related operations efficiently. In this case study, problems related to manual management of library operations are discussed in brief.  Moreover, library management system is proposed in this case study that facilitates VIT by managing their library activities automatically. Library management system can systematically manage the activities such as adding library materials, library membership, members borrowing books, members returning books, fine on borrowed material, refund of library deposits, replacement of lost library material etc. Library management system of VIT will automatically update library catalogue to accommodate required resources. The resources include books, standards, journal, articles, and CD’s etc.  Library management system systematically creates a table in its database that contains information such as publisher, abstract medium, bar code number, category etc. and this system automatically updates library catalogue as per collected data. To borrow books, it is mandatory for students and academic staff to join VIT library. With the use of library management system, students can register themselves online as a member. After completion of registration process, unique membership ID and password is automatically allocated to students and staff members. Once students and staff members get library membership, borrowing rights will be given to them. Students who have library membership are permitted to borrow one book for a duration of five days only. While the students who are undergoing post-graduation are allowed to borrow one book for seven days. Library management system also maintains records regarding book submission days. If students will not return book on assigned date, he/she will be fined for additional days. Fine can be avoided by the students by extending due data using library website. Students can only extend due date for three times if student will not return book after three times of extension then membership of student will be cancelled. He/she will not permit to borrow book in future.  After the completion of course, students can claim refund of security. Library management system facilitates VIT management and students to search material available in the library that in return save time and efforts of the humans.  Library management system can filter books from library catalogue. By inserting name of publisher in library system, students and VIT management come across the book detail. Library management system provides information regarding books that are not being used from long period of time.  VIT management manually removes books that are not in use by fetching information from the system. As library management system maintains records about items borrowed, library catalogue, items available, items overdue, students and staff memberships. Library management system provides all that information, and VIT management can effectively generate report regarding its library operations. The generated report can be used by VIT management in order to enhance their production level in future. By using library management system, VIT can also enhance their reputational value worldwide.

It is concluded that with the use of library management system, VIT will improve its all the activities and processes related to library. VIT uses manual processes for the management of library activities due to which there is a great chance of human error. The manual processes slow down the operational working ability of VIT. Thus, with the use of computer-based library management system, VIT management will efficiently manage activities related to library.  With the use of library management system, VIT management can access the catalogue list from anywhere. It will efficiently manage library related information such as library membership information, library material information, borrowing information, book returning information, fines, library deposits, replaceable material information etc. Thus, with the use of computerized library management system, time and efforts of humans will be saved and work of VIT management can also be maintained efficiently. Students and academic staff will be able to locate books and can easily obtain them for reading and teaching purpose. VIT management can enhance its reputational value across Australia, with the use of computer-based library management system.

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