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Chief Information Security Officer

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Chief Information Security Officer


Chief Information Security Officer

As higher investments are made in information security, there is a higher demand for senior-level of cyber security professionals. The chief information security information sometimes referred as the chief information officer (CIO). It has highest ranking of cyber security executives and has the responsibilities to establish and maintain the security procedures and protocols on information system in an effective manner. It is the fact that, currently 61 % of the companies is now having someone on that position which have been working efficiently to secure organization’s information system. It is essentially important for the company to assign CISO who have great operational and leadership skill sets. As the members of C-suite, Chief information security officer have responsibilities to make effective decisions regarding security risks and bridging the gap between organizational impact and technical detail. It is essential for CISO to have proper soft skills such as critical thinking, leadership as, they have to manage IT personnel and communicate with key executives in an effective manner. 

             Most of the companies prefer Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) candidates who have IT experience of at least 10 years as well as 5 years of leadership experience. While, having master degree would be beneficial for the candidate if the program provides proper training of business management. This particular training teaches essential skills to candidate which differentiate CISO from IT manager.

Roles of CISO manager

  • The CISO manager will responsible for identifying team members who can contribute in generating confidential information as well as earn trust of organization top level management.
  • Schedule reports will be generated CISO manager regarding the state of digital information security status of organization.
  • Understand the business policies as well as which techniques will praise effort and values of organization.
  • Meetings with business manager of every hierarchy to understand information security vulnerabilities which can lead to risks.
  • Officer plays an essential role in hiring or building exemplary staffs who are passionate for information security.
  • CISO must up-to-date with the current system as well as the new technology especially when it comes to their own enterprise.
  • CISO plays main role while embedding information security within project life cycle, change management process and other governance process.
  • Chief Information Security Officer has the responsibilities to identity each factors of business risks not only within organization but also outside of the organizations. It participates in professional organization in order to gain insight of the works in an effective manner.

CISO role in operating C-level of organization

The business world is growing rapidly with advancement of information technology. However, roles and responsibilities of CISO need to be redefined above traditional structure. In the new definition of CISO officer’s roles and responsibilities, need to manage confidential level of information is also the responsibility of CISO officer. The CISO officer can use three “C” tactics in order to gain greater level of trust among employees. The three ‘C’ principle involve counterbalance, communication and cooperation which CISO officer need to manage for organization. The reporting structure which is usually followed by the CISO officer is to report the CIO of organization as well as follow same structure. The data breach and managing the cost of data security mounts on the head of CISO in which pivotal and prominent role in C-level management.

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