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Cloud Computing with SaaS and PaaS Models

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How to acquire office automation with SAAS model?

In this section, SAAS is recommended for office automation to resolve the various issues related to traditional technologies implemented at the organization. This document provides knowledge about software as service provider having the ability to store a massive amount of data related multiple data centers of the organization. Software as a service provides software that is delivered, managed remotely and owned by the organization. The common code would be provided by various providers to organizations. The organizations have multiple data warehouses can implement this technology. We recommended this technology to reduce the various issues related to multiple data centers of the organization. There are various vendors that provide Software as service like sales force, Microsoft, adobe creative cloud, box, Amazon web services and Google g suite etc.  Software as service provides various features related to emailing system and office automation of particular organization. There are several benefits of implementing SAAs technology at organization that are described as follows:

  • Advantages of SAAS

In SAAS user can only pay for what they use. Instead of developing whole application the vendors provide APIS and software, after installing the software user can access various services related to cloud technology in an organisation. The cost and complexity of implementation are quite low in this type of cloud services. Therefore, it is recommended to the organisation to improve their financial benefits. Rapid prototyping feature is provided by this cloud service to its users. SAAS companies provide free trail services that benefit the organization, and they can select the solution according to their requirements. SAAS software is predictable cost both for the cloud provider and cloud user. The clear idea about cost can be analysed with the implementation of SAAS services in the organisation. The SAAS providers are responsible for various updates related to security and uptime in the organisation. The service level agreements include various parameters related to the implementation of SAAS in the organisation. They can be fulfilled by implementing the cloud in the organisation.  

  • Disadvantages of SAAS

The SAAS model has drawbacks like loss of control; it provides various APIS to an organisation which cannot be controlled by the user itself. This is the major drawback of using SAAS service. As it provides ease of access to a user but loses, controls are there in this service. The various issues related to security of the network can hinder the growth of this service in the organisation. Various attacks related to data breaches impact the overall efficiency of service. The confidentiality of data can be affected by third-party attacks. Various SAAS providers can provide a limited range of application. The requirement related to connectivity put adverse impact on the efficiency of cloud. If internet service fails, the user would not be able to access the various services related to cloud. This technology is purely dependent on the internet if internet fails then it also fails. The performance of SAAS is slow as compared to other services provided by various vendors of the cloud. These types of pitfalls impact the various service providers of SAAS. 


  1. PAAS for share point services: This report includes the various aspects related to the implementation of SAAS services along with their advantages and disadvantages to an organisation. We recommended PAAS model for share point services included in the organisation. The office automation can be implemented with the help of PASS model for the employees of the organization. PAAS is a most appropriate model for implementing the various services like email and storage facility for an organisation. These documents provide knowledge about the platform as service provider having the ability to store a massive amount of data related multiple data centres of the organisation. Platform as service create on-demand services related to its adoption, and your organization can adopt it for ease of developers that make application related to cloud. The developer’s activities can be unleashed with the implementation of PAAS. PAAS also provide facilities related to usage of cloud-aware design principles. In this report, we include PAAS services that provide various advantages related to ease of access to various employees of the organisation. Various vendors can provide PAAS services like Engine Yard, Red Hat Open shift, Google app engine, AppFog etc. organisation can select service provider according to their requirements. There are various benefits of implementing PAAS technology in the organisation:
  • Ease of access at a minimal capital cost: this service model provides a cost-effective solution to the massive amount of paperwork that is required during the release of the project. We include this point in our report because this is the basic advantage of implementing the cloud in the organisation. The paperwork of the organisation can be reduced with the implementation of PAAS. PAAS provide platform as service to the user for accessing the customised services related to the organisation. PAAS also provide facilities related to usage of cloud-aware design principles.
  • Ability to re-architect the legacy application that is used to run the cloud: The operational cost of IT assets can be reduced with the implementation of PAAS services. The reach of the developer can be broadened with the implementation of proposed technology.
  • Accessing the service that is available in the cloud: The line of business management can be done effectively with the implementation of PAAS services at the organisation. It acts as a catalyst for IT initiatives related to office automation. The effective communication can be done with the implementation of PAAS services in the organisation. The emailing system provides ease of access to communicate from one terminal to another terminal and reduces the paper. This type of communication is time efficient and reduces cost related to paperwork. Sandbox is an application that can handle the various aspects related to communication through the email system. The massive amount of data can be stored in the cloud and used for financial benefits of the organisation. Big data analytics can be possible with the implementation of this technology. Several big data analytics tools can be used to automate the work of business analyst, and this can be done with the help of IBM Watson. The big data analytics can be used to predict various patterns related to stored data in the cloud.

Why is it necessary to have proper knowledge of these cloud models?

Implementation of cloud computing is directly connected with its service models. The SaaS and PaaS service model of cloud computing is the most used and the studied concept. For the students, these terms could even encounter in their sessions. Being the emerging technology, the universities are specifically focusing on making the students aware of the concepts regarding cloud computing. They tend to provide the students, especially in computer science, with various academic sessions of different concepts of the cloud. What is left, are then covered by providing them with assignments in which students are required to conduct proper research working and use their writing skills to form a quality assignment.

Why is assistance required with assignments on cloud models?

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