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Case study

Black Hamilton owns two restaurants of fast food in Smithers which a small town in northern BC. Both the restaurants taking advantage or tourism and traffic which is passing through the town because the restaurants are situated on the highway. After some time, forest fire forces both the restaurants to close within few months. With this decision, both the restaurants suffered. Additionally, two competitors also opened up a salad bar and a sandwich shop which makes negative impact on the taco shop and hamburger restaurant of Black Hamilton. At the same time, businesses also shifted from the predominantly dine in service mainly drive thru service. Blane Hamilton also believes that it is the right time for combining two restaurants with signage as well as branding of each restaurant in one location. This would also save money for the building lease and to reduce number of staffs which is required in order to work at different restaurants. He will select one of the locations for configuring drive thru service so that many of the cars can go through the same for receiving same amount of time. He will also need a permit for the renovation of town hall and also need to give a notice on leased property. But that lease is also coming up for the purpose of renewal in four months. This can create pressure of time in order to get started on the plan. Blane is also consulting with the team and is excited about the change. He knows that he needs to make major changes in the staff.

Organizational structure

The organizational structure for both the locations includes owner, general manager, shit supervisors related to kitchen, customer service, and cleanup crew.

Communication plan

A communication plan is considered as a roadmap in order to get your message delivered to the audience. It is also an essential tool in order to ensure that the organization send a clear and specific message with the measurable results. Writing any communication plan can be a difficult task. there are six main steps which are helpful in order to create an effective communication plan for any business.

  • Performing a situation analysis
  • Brainstorm with communication staff.
  • Talk to other departments.
  • Conduct focus groups and surveys.
  • Defining main objectives
    The should be
  • Specific
  • Achievable
  • Realistic
  • Measurable
  • Time focused
  • Defining key audience
  • Key audience can be clients
  • Members and non-members
  • Related associations
  • Educators
  • Local governmental officials
  • Media representatives


  • Establish a timetable
    For effectively the objectives related to communication strategy, there is a need to properly plan a time and steps for the better results. On the basis of research and resources, a solid timing strategy can be developed for executing communication plan.
  • Identify different media channels
    Media channels would be most effective in order to get your message deliver to the target audience.
  • Evaluation of the results
    It is essential to measure the results of the obtained objectives. if there is not any satisfaction with the achieved results, make the necessary adjustments in order to perform better in next time. The evaluation of results can be from below listed reports:
  • Annual reports
  • Monthly reports
  • Reports from other departments
  • Progress reports.

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