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An annotated bibliography comprises of a list of citations for different books, sources, journals and documents. Each of the sources referred or cited is followed by a description of about 150-200 words. The main purpose behind this is to inform the reader about the accuracy, relevance and quality of the information that is cited. An annotated bibliography may thus include some or entire information about the subject. It also helps in providing a brief account of the available research on the provided topic. A list of research sources including their concise description as well as evaluation is considered for this. An annotated bibliography mainly starts with providing bibliographic details for the source followed by a brief description of it. To get more detail about the annotated bibliography for the completion of assignments related to this, the students require online assignment helpers so that they would become capable of submitting high-quality assignments in their universities to get good grades.

Main purpose of Annotated bibliography

  • An annotated bibliography is helpful in serving following things:
  • Reviewing literature based on particular subjects.
  • For demonstrating the depth and quality of your study.
  • For exemplifying the scope of the sources such as journals, websites and articles that are available.
  • For exploring and organizing sources for future researches.

Why write the annotated bibliography

  • Some of the questions that are important to be considered
  • What is the topic or the problem that you are investigating?
  • What are the different questions that I will be exploring through this? It is important to note that you should identity aim for your literature research here.
  • What kind of materials or sources will I be considered for research? Will you be looking for journals, reports, articles or historical documents?

Which writing style to be used

You should make sure that each of the annotation that you make must be concise. You are not supposed to write much about a single topic as you are writing just a summary, not an essay. The annotations are not expected to extend beyond one paragraph. In addition to this, you can omit that information which seems to be apparent in the text title or the journal from the description section of annotation. Cross-references and in-text citations are always a good ideas for a good annotated bibliography. While your instructor may demand any annotation, sometimes it entirely depends on the discretion as well as nature and the scope of your subject on which you want to conduct your research. Three main categories for the annotation that you can use are as follows


This annotation style helps in describing the source without including any information related to the research arguments, messages and hypothesis within the source. It mainly answers questions such as does the selected source focuses on the topic or the issue that is being researched upon.


It is considered as one of the most critical as well as analytical annotation style. It incorporates the evaluation and critique of sources. Main area of focus remains strengths and weakness of the selected source which is also important to be considered in the conclusion part. Determination of how this source compares with the other sources being evaluated is also an integral part of this annotation style.


This is an annotation style which is essential in summarizing the content, message as well as an argument for the provided source. Main things which are included in this are the hypothesis, findings and methods for the provided subject. A critique or you can say evaluation is excluded in this. Main argument and conclusion remain the focal point in this annotation style. To get more information and solutions related to an annotated bibliography, search for online assignment services.

Contents for annotated bibliography

An annotation may contain overall or a small portion of description about the subject. It entirely depends on your understanding and the word limit that may constraint the subject being examined.  Important contents for an annotated bibliography comprises of the following things:

  • Provide full bibliographic citation
  • Indicate author’s background
  • Indicating the content and scope of the text
  • Outlining the main arguments
  • Indicating the intended audiences
  • Identification of the intended audiences.
  • Identification of author’s conclusions
  • Discuss text reliability
  • You should highlight special features
  • Discuss usefulness and relevance of text for your research.
  • Present your own opinion, view and perspective for the text that you study

DO’s and Don’ts of annotation



§  Summarization of central theme

§  Explanation and usefulness of the sources that are related to your topic.

§  Include significant information

§  The explanation for why this is a good source.

§  Be concise and add only required explanation.

§  Don’t include irrelevant sources.

§  Don’t comment anything on trivial information

§  Don’t make use of slang languages.

§  Don’t make use of vague language.


How to create an annotated bibliography?

First of all, locate academic sources that can help you in performing a deep study on the provided subject. Some of the good sources to start learning with are as follows:

  • Lecture notes provided in class
  • The Lib Guide for your subject –
  • The subject liaison Librarian

Survey the selected literature and then locate that is best suited for your topic and also address issues related to your topic. Read abstracts and academic books for reviewing and selecting appropriately. Your aim should be to cover a different range of approaches related to your topic. After this, note the complete bibliographic details for your selected texts. Remember that this should be done by the reference style that has been demanded. Author’s theoretical as well as practical approach is required to be taken into consideration during this. Mai points and findings of the author should be focused to larger extents. After this, evaluate your readings, and this should reflect in your study. You can get assistance for the creation of annotated bibliography accurately by selecting online assignment service approach.


Begin each annotation with bibliographic citation of the resource. This includes following things

  • Author
  • Title
  • Publication information
  • Date
  • Order for each of the citation will depend on the source type that you are citing. APA and MLA are the most common type of reference that is used.
  • There must be double spacing between the citation and annotation
  • Skip a line between each annotation entry.

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Sample annotation

A sample for how you should write an annotated bibliography has been provided below with detailed description for all the parameters that must be included. All the important attributes for this has been included in this. Starting with the citation part, this sample contains a description of the materials used and qualifications of the authors followed by a summary for the subject.


What are the problems encountered by the students while writing an annotated bibliography?

While writing an annotated bibliography, the students face various problems such as:

  • Complexity of topic
  • Time-consuming
  • Lack of skills related to creation of annotated bibliography
  • Lack of understanding about format
  • In-sufficient knowledge

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