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Critical Points Regarding Cloud Migration

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Cloud computing for daily operations

Use of cloud computing for daily business operations have enabled effective streamlining of various functions within organisations. It provides virtually limitless possibilities, and companies harness these to drive innovation and competitive edge. It increases both internal and external engagement between data storage and various functional units regardless of their physical location. This engagement and integration have been brought about by various services such as chat rooms and email. The entire organisation can connect with their fellow employees, customers and business partners. This brings about creativity and productivity to business operations. As a result, business outshines the competition in the market by remaining innovative, scalable and nimble throughout the lifecycle. Cloud computing also brings about flexibility within the business model. This means that businesses that have adopted cloud computing can alter or entirely renew their business model instantly without any complications. This provides them with numerous possibilities for creating new products while streamlining business operations, encouraging collaboration and keeping data secure. Organizations will have higher collaboration among its business units. This is an obvious boon regarding easier customer services, effortless and stress-free management and financial streamlines.

Cloud Computing for Dispersed Project Teams

Cloud solutions are particularly beneficial for dispersed business units that have to operate from various locations or business departments as per organisational requirements. These units can virtually integrate their operations and business functions via common cloud platforms. This integration is made possible by various cloud services such as Office Automation, email services, word processing, spreadsheet capabilities and online storage for business data and files. These services that bring together project teams are explained below.

Office Automation Services: These services integrate all work documentation produced by different functional units such as Accounting, Procurement and Human Resources. This integration further brings value to the business. Knowledge of, process owners, employees and IT teams is stored in a single information management framework. It reduces manual efforts for completing mundane tasks as human intervention is significantly cut down. This also reduces manual errors. Automation also helps in getting insights into process performance.

Email Services: Cloud email services will allow businesses to achieve brand awareness, long-term customer retention and customer acquisition. Proper email service must be selected for business as per the business goals and the budget that they can afford. Another consideration is that of storage space that is offered by business for email services. These services must be secure from cyber threats and must be easy to use by end users.

Word Processing: Cloud also allows effective collaboration of Word Processing that is already adopted by businesses. It is enabled by various services such as Cloud Office suite and Writes Board. These are full-featured web-based processors that are designed with an idea of group collaboration. Multiple users can easily collaborate their work. These services are quite cost-effective.

Online Storage: Cloud storage capabilities can be utilised by all the dispersed teams via the internet and provided APIs. Data is highly faulted tolerant as any redundancies are eliminated. This storage is also consistent as per the data replicas. Companies will be required to pay only for storage spaces that they have utilised.

Spreadsheet Capabilities: Cloud-based spreadsheets such as Office 365, Zoho Sheets, Numbers and Google Sheets allow dispersed project teams to collaborate their business operations. They can be accessed via internet capabilities and provide numerous spreadsheet functionalities and features to the end user. Business can choose from a pool of templates that is best suited to their business.

What are critical points which need to be considered during cloud migration?

Cloud computing is a pretty powerful tool for enabling virtual collaboration among various project teams. It enables alignment of IT and Business operations. But before organisations can realise these benefits, they need to consider various points of migration.

  • Migration Strategy: Before actual migration, proper cloud computing strategy needs to be produced including research, assessment and collaboration of all business units for determining the critical workloads and applications to be streamlined for enhancing business productivity. Solid migration strategy must be put in place for determining the current state of business and detailing particular benefits of cloud approach to business operations regarding delivery of business value and reduction of operational costs.
  • Service Analysis: Once it is decided which applications will be migrated to the cloud platform, organisations must execute detailed cost analysis. Apart from this, they will be required to analyse the related service costs including that of license management and services management. This also includes administrative costs and application maintenance. These applications also require proper deployment and testing across business units. Organizations need to ensure that the services provided by the Cloud vendor are equally imperative to the current service requirements.
  • Cloud Readiness Assessment: Organizations also require assessing which applications can easily migrate to the cloud platform. The applications that don’t require migration will not be migrated to the cloud as would be unnecessary and organisations need to enlist these applications so that they are not included in the migration process. This consideration is to revolve around certain factors such as technology, data, integration, security, business functions and application architecture.
  • Security and Privacy: Security and Privacy are major concerns regarding cloud migration that organisations must consider. They must give a mindful thought to data that is involved in migration. It is to ensure the migration strategy’s compliance with internal policies and regulatory requirements. Organizations must detail the criticality of a certain type of data and must demand that this data be encrypted and that user accounts are in isolation from one another. Any instances of cross access must be properly controlled by the administrators from the provider side as well as the client organisation. They are to decide on required security measures for particular applications and underlying data types for managing related compliance issues and risks.

Integrating cloud solutions is quite challenging for organisations. By considering points mentioned above and consulting adverse assistance in the field, organisations can seamlessly adopt cloud services and integrate them for sustainable growth within business units.

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