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Critique in Systems and Technology

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Executive summary

In this report, the business scenario of both Mainland Express and Outback Safari Tours have been defined in detailed manner. In the current scenario, both organizations have decided to merge their business.


This report is all about two business organizations who are looking for merging their business. “Outback Safari Tours” is one of the famous full service coach company with twenty-five offices located in the NT, QLD, WA, SA and NSW. Presently, it prides itself on its excellent services, variety of multi-day tours, fleet of new coaches. Each fleet is capable to carry approximately fifty passengers at a single time. 75% of the sales come through travel agents and tour operators.

The second company is Mainland Express which is a low-cost coach organization with ten offices located in SA, ACT, Vic and NSW. It offers tour coach services at a low price on time. Mainly, this company is focusing on city to city routes with no overnight accommodation and minimal stops. Presently, it has been used an excellent online booking system. The fleet of the company can carry 55 passengers at a time.

Key requirements of the senior management

The senior management has finalized that by combing both companies i.e. Mainland-Safari Tours, it will be easy for them to retain all existing coaches, staff, destinations and tours. They decided to merge aging system of Safari with the advance system of Mainland Express to enhance effectiveness of their business operations. Along with this, they also decided to begin premium based low-cost carrier services. In the premium based services, the passengers will pay for everything else: Wi-Fi on the road, drinks, meals, baggage, seating and even carry-on luggage to first to board privilege.

Difference between information system and information technology issues

Information system is a type of coordinated network of components which are acting together to produce, process and distribute information. On the other hand, information technology refers to integration of various types of telecommunication equipment for storing, manipulating and retrieving of data. There are various types of issues which are currently faced by companies and end users while using information technology and information systems. These issues include information security, poor data management, poor audit trail, ineffective data management etc.

Impact of IS and IT issues on customer choice, brand loyalty, continued patronage  

The Information technology and Information System related issues have negative impact on the continued patronage, brand loyalty and customer choice. If business organization fail to manage the security of their customer’s details, future plans, unique product designs etc. then, it might affect their brand value. They cannot ignore the information security while dealing with information systems and information technologies. They need to take appropriate steps to eliminate or reduce the impact of IS and IT issues on customer choice, brand loyalty, continued patronage as it will help them to achieve business goals.

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