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Developments in Nanotechnology- Impact on society

Home Assignment Answers Developments in Nanotechnology- Impact on society

Nanotechnology is one of the most important fields of technology which can change the entire scenario of the market. You can read about Nanotechnology- Present and Future to have a sound knowledge of the concept. Here, we will talk about the changes and the modifications the technology will bring to the surrounding society in the form of the businesses, organizations, institutions and individuals. The individuals and the people engaged in the organizations often see the technology’s implications socially in the vast countries and the wide number and varieties of societies. The key is the identification of all these social implications, but their measurement and prediction are really hard to achieve. The most important social impacts can be seen in the areas of effect on labor intellectual property issues and the military applications in addition to the balance between the governments and citizens.

Change in the employment field

Effect on the employment was needed, and the technology has done it with the help of the particular factors of production. All these rich applications and the demand of the technology have given a kickstart to the enhanced need of the engineers, scientists, and technicians in the firms and the science labs. They help in the integration of new ideas to the products and processes. So, in this way, the labour life is also needed to be supported for better career opportunities. The technology is made capable to ignore the inequalities of the labour market; in fact, it can focus on the political power in the government’s hands. The other main applications and functions of nanotechnology are the advancements in the surveillance and miniaturizing of the technologies such as tracking devices, cameras, listening devices, recognition of the pattern and face systems. Collecting, storing and examining the governmental data is made possible with the help of nanotechnology due to improved computer memory and electronics.

Applications in the field of military

One field which sponsors the research and study of nanotechnology is military due to the increased number of applications of the technology in the military. The two key topics and areas of research are MRF, magnetorheological fluid and nanorobotics, artificial intelligence and manufacturing of the molecules. The societal and political relations within the community are achieved with the help of the advanced developments in the military technology. Now nanotechnology helps in the protection of the modern defence armies from the civilian threats of the today’s world. Moreover, the means of the political violence to the civilian population and to that of the military has a gap which can be widened by the technology.

Possible harmful use

The advancements done by the researchers might lead to terrorism due to the exasperation of the existing trends towards warfare which might become asymmetric. But, there is a need for the people involved in the war to become more strategic and adopt them to attack and defeat the military forces of the industrialized world due to the technology and the advancements in it. It may also happen that the number of terrorist attacks may rise due to the advancements in the technology.

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