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Difference Between Hosting Provider and Cloud Provider

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What is locally hosted computing infrastructure?

Locally hosted infrastructure will offer your organisation with physical servers running on the server provider’s space. The organisation can gain access to the services through a direct network or via the internet. Usually, local hosted providers provide services like email, servers, web hosting, online backups and recovery, offsite backups, data warehousing, data centres etc. a dedicated server is placed over one or more computers which offer the organisation with exclusive access. Those servers involve RAM, hard drive storage, and a processor similar to a desktop or laptop but different parts are embedded together. For gaining access to the information stored on the server, it is made open to the outside computers.

The major advantage of local computing is that it can be contained behind the firewalls of the organisation to keep the data safe and confidential as per the corporate security policies. Security can be a huge concern regarding external hoisting whereas cost is the huge concern in internal hosting. However, organisations dealing with highly sensitive and confidential data, local hosting can be the only option for them. Organizations dealing in education, retail, hospitality, manufacturing or mainstream corporate deals with data which is not sensitive as their main objective is to engage with employees and consumers to enhance communication and for digital signage purposes. It makes use of the third-party software to monitor the default in the digital signage which is its major disadvantage. And also, it consumes a significant amount of time to troubleshoot network issues and maintaining the network.

What is IAAS hosted cloud computing?

Cloud computing or IAAS (infrastructure as a service), unlike local hosting, is more specifically about renting a space over cloud which is accessed via the internet. It is partially dependent upon the concept of sharing computing and networking resources for storing the information, run applications and such other service offerings. Cloud hosting offers an organisation with the resource pooling which enables the organisation to share resource across intranet or internet to cut off the infrastructure planning and costs. Infrastructure as a service (IAAS) provides system software, storage, virtual servers and networks for augmenting or replacing the data centres or traditionally networked computers. IAAS provides a virtual infrastructure for carrying out the routine operations of an organisation by enabling the virtualised network. For enabling the cloud hosting, virtual space servers, bandwidth, network connections, load balancers, IP addresses and other offerings are offered.

A server application is placed on a third party’s network infrastructure, often in a NOC (network operations centre) regardless of the physical location as the services acquired are using internet or intranet. Digital signature plays a vital role in cloud hosting as it is used to connect to the servers and provide a route to the server by server’s internet address. The major advantage of the cloud hosting is that it can host a very little infrastructure from the client as the third party is in charge of providing the embedded infrastructure to the clients. Cloud-hosted servers are usually hosted on well-established state of far superior network and server infrastructure than the corporate infrastructure; hat too on-premises. Furthermore, they also provide effective backup and recovery options for the data and keep the data in a secure location. IAAS offers data centres as an infrastructure platform which offers enterprise-class reliability, scalability and space which can be helpful in lower TCO (total cost of ownership) of the digital signage providers.

It is highly dependent on the network infrastructure which requires a reliable internet connection as in case of lost connection organisations may find Impossible to access services offered by IAAS. Data sent on digital signage premises is usually encrypted as it is sensitive but passing it on the public environment may make it vulnerable to cyber attacks. Digital signage providers must provide SSL certificate for encryption.

Real difference between local hosting and cloud hosting

Security: If your company is dealing with data which is highly sensitive and confidential then hosting a service on dedicated service might be the only option left. It offers a high degree of security to the data sensitive as servers are resourced exclusively for carrying out the routine operations of the organisation. A dedicated server will allow the company to monitor their data and under what conditions it is being maintained etc. however on cloud hosting, information can be shared among various instances and resources which simply doesn’t provide that level of security and the same level of control provided by a dedicated server. On a cloud hosting, there are chances of sensitive data being potentially accessed by other parties, either intentionally or unintentionally. 

Cost: cloud hosting tends to be less expensive as compared with local hosting as it offers the organisations with shared resources and computing capabilities whereas local hosting provides a dedicated server. Cloud hosting also provides additional services such as virtual terminals, suites of software, automatic reallocation of resources and bandwidth based on network congestion.

Accessibility: if the organisation is concerned about having a centralised control over the data, then cloud hosting can be the best option for them. It takes advantage of the internet to distribute the access among various users to the same instance of the resource. It effectively enhances the ability to have centralised access to the data by making right choices for the things which require collaboration.

Which is better?

From a security perspective, dedicated hosting can be the best possible option, but for accessibility and other additional services, cloud hosting can be better for the organisations. It depends on the priority of the organisation. More security and fewer services must be better with the dedicated hosting whereas minimisation of operational costs and limitless virtual accessibility makes cloud hosting a better option.

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