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Reflective Paper: Engineering Management for a Sustainable

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Reflective Paper: Engineering Management for a Sustainable

Part A Draft Submission

Topic 1: Environmental Ethics for Engineers

I have attended workshop 1 in which I learned about the environmental ethics for the engineers. I have learned that there are number of ethics included for the engineering in order to manage the obtain the sustainable construction. From the workshop, I came to know that ethics can be said as the courage in order to explore number of difficulties, in order to accept the cost for doing the right things, to maintain the relationships and the struggle for the well-informed conscience development and being true with the different ideas. As per the statements provided by the author, Wapner and Matthew, 2009), I analysed that there are three main set of the challenges around which the concern for the environmental global ethics is revolve around. These set of challenges include information of ecosystem and landscape, adsorb waste, and the proper use of the resources. I observed that the concept of environmental ethics for engineers mainly deals with the integrity, authenticity, and personal values. I found this workshop very helpful as I came to know about the various Australian codes of ethics for the sustainable development and number of important points related to it. These important points include wellbeing of environment, responsibility of stakeholders and community, and engineering practices for health and safety. From both the reviews of journal and workshop, I realized that there is a need to further explore the environmental ethics in engineering.

Topic 2: The evolution of sustainability

During the period of workshop 1, I came to know about the evolution of sustainability. The evolution of sustainability is considered as societal collapse as well as the ongoing conflict between the humanity and nature. I learned about three different united nation summits for the evolution of the sustainability and related practices. Among three united nation summits, the first united nation summit on sustainable development was in Rio De Janeiro which starts from 3 June and ends 14 June 1992. From the workshop which I have attended, I learned that the second united nation world summit was held 10 years later from the first summit in Johannesburg and the third united nation world summit was in 2012. With respect to the statement of (Klarin, 2018), I observed that the fundamental elements for the evolution of sustainable development are need to be considered by the construction organizations for the sustainable development. However, there are number of interpretations a criticism is included in the evolution of sustainable development. There should be an absolute solution in order to meet the basic demands of human being, to achieve the equality, to integrate the environmental protection and development, to ensure the cultural diversity, and to include the social self-determination.

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