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Enterprise Mobile Application: The Pitch

Home Assignment Answers Enterprise Mobile Application: The Pitch

This assignment is regarding the development of mobile application in which student is assigned with the project. In this, the student is assigned as a role of Manager of the department in one of the global multinational company. The manager is allowed to introduce a type of industry/organization/service/ business in the assignment. The main work which is to be done by the students in this assignment is the preparation of power-point presentation on the enterprise mobile application. In order to prepare this powerpoint presentation, it must cover the below-given sections:

Details about the service/organization/industry/business
In this section, the student has to cover different types of information involving the type assigned to you, complete description regarding the selected type or organization as well as details regarding the department of which the student is a Manager. In this section, the student can cover the background information regarding the organization, business as well as services provided by the company to the customers.

The Concept
This is one of the main sections of the report in which the student has to describe the complete concept i.e. development of enterprise mobile application along with its components, requirements and other important information in an appropriate manner.

The Business Drivers
A business driver is defined as a process, condition or resource, which is important for the continuous growth and success of the any business or company. An organization must detect all its business drivers as well as attempt to increase any of them under their control. The business drivers are also from outside the company that doesn’t have any impact such as trade relations, economic conditions etc. Some of the common examples of business drivers for any organization or company are as follows:

• Total number of locations or stores
• Average size as per the location
• Total number of sold products
• Amount or prices of sold products and services
• Total no. of sales people
• Effectiveness about the sales people
• Traffic volume of the website
• Downtime and efficiency rates
• Office and rent space
• Fees, commissions and other different selling expenses
• Commodity prices

The Target Audience
A target audience is basically a group of people described be the behavior and demographics. The identification of target audience basically means finding that what type of people are more interested in the product or service. Many of the companies mainly look at the demographic information such as: Gender, Profession, Age, Location, Education or Income Level and Marital Status.

Wireframe/Prototype Design
This is another major section of the report in which the student has to design the wireframes for his or her application on the basis of requirements of the company. It will help to show different steps related to the application in different steps in accurate manner, which will make it easy to understand the whole application. It is important to add the proper and clear wireframe designs in order to make the application more understandable.
At the end, students are advised to put the detailed speaker note with every slide of power point presentation in order to define the role of each wireframe in more appropriate manner.

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